Nick Dressler

Assistant Dean of Students for Campus Life

Nick Dressler works to create an inclusive, equitable environment grounded in inspiration and creativity. In his work as Assistant Dean of Students for Campus Life, he supports students in making their goals and programming ideas a reality. The student experience is at the center of his work, serving as Bates College Student Government advisor, student support advisor, and student conduct officer. He is also the founder and primary administrator of Bates Engage, the college’s student engagement platform.

Nick supervises the coordinator for Campus Life programming and Campus Life event staff, and works with a variety of campus partners to drive the mission and vision of Campus Life.Originally from Buffalo, NY, Nick received a bachelor’s degree in English and film from Vassar College in Poughkeepsie, NY. After working for several years post-graduation as a retail manager, he returned to school and in May 2016 received a master of education degree in higher education administration from Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN. At Vanderbilt, he served two years as a graduate fellow in Warren College, the University’s first foray into the upper-class student residential college model.

Nick has professional and graduate experience in human resource management, networking, financial management and planning, faculty-staff partnerships, and working with students through the lenses of social justice, intersectionality, and equity. He ultimately plans to achieve a Ph.D. with a focus on social justice education.

Dressler, Nicholas A.


Assistant Dean of Students for Campus Life
Student Affairs
96 Campus Avenue, Room 225