If you are a dancer interested in applying to Bates, it may be helpful to learn about our program by speaking to a member of the dance department. If you are planning to visit campus or have any questions, please email Brian J. Evans (Assistant Professor of Dance) who would be happy to set up a meeting with you.

Spring Dance Concert 2013 - Photo by Phyllis Graber Jensen

Submitting a performance video, resume, and cover letter is a great way to show your talent and interest in Dance at Bates. Faculty will carefully review your submitted dance portfolio and this evaluation will be taken into consideration by the Bates admission committee. To submit that work, please use the submission portal.

Intro to Dance at Bates – Update Coming Soon

The Bates Dance program offers a wide variety of opportunities to all students on campus from your first dance experience to a major or minor in Dance. Our program celebrates a diverse and inclusive culture and our philosophy maintains that everyone benefits from the experience and understanding of dance.

This link gives a great explanation of courses available to first-year students.

Dance Curriculum

Bates College offers a major and minor in Dance that are both strong in both the theory and practice. It is also possible to incorporate dance into an interdisciplinary studies program or make dance a vital part of your Bates experience through elective dance credits. All of our courses are open to all students regardless of major or minor status.

Performing Opportunities

Students interested in performing have the opportunity to participate in up to three department dance concerts per year, hosted in the various theaters on campus.  There are also many performance opportunities through variety of student initiated events.


Auditions are not necessary for entrance to the degree programs or most of the activities in the Bates Dance program. We are small enough to know you personally.


The Bates Department of Dance is housed in the Plavin Studios of Merrill Gymnasium, two dedicated dance studios on the second floor of the gym. Both have marley floors, and the larger of the two is arranged to function for both technique classes and for small-scale performances . Most  classes are taught in the big studio, and the smaller studio is available for rehearsals and other dance activities.

The Departments of Theater and Dance also have three theaters in the Schaeffer/Pettigrew performing arts complex.

Community Engagement

For the community minded, there are many opportunities in the local community and K-12 schools for teaching, mentoring and performance.

Guest Choreographers and Master-classes

Guest choreographers and master-classes are an integral part of the Bates Dance program providing a variety of experiences both in dance styles and different ways of working. Four to six guest choreographers with national and international reputations come to work with the Dance program each year. Artist such as Tere O’Conner, Alexandra Beller and Doug Elkins, Jodi Melnick, Larry Keigwin, and Robin Sanders come to Bates regularly to create repertory for student dancers. We also have master classes in a variety of dance styles.

Bates Dance Festival

During the summers, students at Bates are given the opportunity to participate in the internationally renowned Bates Dance Festival. Students may attend the festival up to three times as a regular part of their Bates education. It is a three week total immersion into the world of working artists in an atmosphere of community and adventure unique to the experience of dance education at Bates.

Study Abroad

In keeping with our global approach to dance we encourage you to broaden your educational experience by doing a semester of study abroad.  The Study abroad office has a growing number of dance options available.

How to Apply

To submit that work, please use the submission portal.

For more information check out our facebook pages Bates College Theater and Dance.