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Artist Lecture: Dance and Transdisciplinary artist Rosy Simas

Olin Arts Center, 104
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Rosy Simas (Seneca, Heron Clan) will share and overview of her transdisciplinary practice, and discuss her current installation and performance work she who lives on the road to war, a space for grieving, condoling and rest. 

Q&A will follow.

Co-sponsored by the Bates Museum of Art’s Exploding Native Inevitable Project and the Bates Dance Festival.

Photo Credit: Rosy Simas by Tim Rummelhoff Courtesy-McKnight Fellowships for Choreographers 2016

Alt text: Rosy Simas is seated and wearing a loose black button-down top. She has medium brown skin, dark black eyes, and dark brown hair. She is wearing a black shirt and multi-colored beaded hoop earrings.