Technical Writing Assistants

Technical Writing Assistants (TWAs) in Biology and Geology are experienced student scientific writers trained to mentor others who are learning the conventions of scientific prose.

Because they have taken the core courses and also serve as Teaching Assistants (TAs) in the labs, they are familiar with writing up experiments. Good scientific writing skills and good people skills are equally important for students wishing to train as TWAs. TWAs train in the second week of Fall semester. Training is a ten-hour commitment.


During the first semester they work, we prefer that Biology TWAs also serve as TAs in a lab. In subsequent years, TWAs can offer hours without TAing the labs. Tutoring hours are weekday evenings and weekends. TWAs typically work 10-20 hours a semester and are expected to work each semester they are on campus.


In Geology, TWAs are attached to individual 100-level courses, and they work with the faculty member to provide a schedule of writing conferences dovetailed to the assignments in the course.

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