Residential Inspection Program

The Environmental, Health and Safety personnel conducts a two phase monitoring program of residential inspections to promote a fire safe living environment. These inspections are mandated by the Maine State Fire Marshall. Inspections are conducted in all on- campus, College-owned student residences.

Phase 1 – Weekly inspections of common areas are necessary to ensure that hallways, stairwells and other common areas are clear of obstructions. Personal items are either returned to student rooms or tagged with a warning. Follow up inspections confirm that items are not left in common spaces after warnings are issued. If items remain they are confiscated and removed to storage at Facility Services. Confiscated items can be retrieved by students by signing a claim form. Confiscation and storage can result in a life safety fine.
Monitors attempt to meet with students to educate them about the hazards of cluttered egress passages whenever possible.

Phase 2 – Each semester, every student room is inspected for fire safety violations. The requirements are detailed in the Residential and Dining Policy. Inspectors use their judgment as to the severity of violations. They can warn students, correct unsafe conditions or confiscate prohibited items or equipment. The inspections are seen as an opportunity to educate students when they are present. Written documentation of the inspection is left in student rooms. Instructions for correcting deficiencies or reclaiming confiscated items are included. Fines are issued in cases of severe danger or for repeat violations.

To make your space and that of other people around you safer, we urge you to particularly pay attention to few items listed here in the Dorm Safety Flier.

For questions regarding the Residential Inspection Program, please contact:
the Environmental, Health & Safety Specialist (x6413)