Tuition & Fees

A Bates education is one of the most worthwhile investments you will make — it will provide you with the tools for a lifetime of learning, engagement and achievement. Supported by a dedicated faculty, Bates students learn to explore broadly and deeply, to cross disciplines and to question rigorously. Bates offers students a challenging academic experience in a collaborative and supportive environment. Student Financial Services will work with your family to make this important investment affordable.

Costs for 2015-16

Tuition, room, board and fees $62,540
Other expenses (books, personal, travel) $2,050
Total $64,590

Books, Personal and Travel Expenses

The majority of expenses you incur as a student are billed through Bates. These include tuition, room, board and fees, health insurance (if you remain on the Bates plan) and costs for applied music or optional extra-cost Short Term courses. The remaining expenses are out-of-pocket purchases you make for books, personal expenses and travel. When determining financial aid eligibility, we estimate costs of $2,050 to $2,950 for books, personal and travel expenses, depending on where you live — the actual amount may be more or less, depending upon individual preference.

How We Can Help

Whether or not you qualify for financial aid, Student Financial Services can be a helpful resource for your family. In addition to need-based financial aid, we offer a monthly payment plan and numerous student and parent loan options.

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