Student Employment

Whether or not you receive financial aid, working on campus is a great way to gain experience and help pay for personal expenses.

Student employment at Bates is open to all students, without regard to whether or not they are eligible to receive financial aid. Bates participates in the Federal Work-Study Program, a need-based program that funds student earnings for on- and off-campus jobs, and funds student employment for students who don’t qualify for Federal Work-Study.

Students who work eight to 10 hours per week can anticipate earning $1,700 to $2,000 during the academic year. Students are paid every two weeks for the actual number of hours worked and can use earnings from employment to cover personal expenses.

Students are responsible for finding their own jobs. The Bates Student Employment Office posts and maintains campus job openings. Students may also directly contact departments in which they have interest. While Bates makes every effort to assist students in securing on-campus employment, the college cannot guarantee that any individual student will be able to arrange a specific type or amount of work.

Students with academic or extracurricular schedules that prevent them from securing employment can replace part or all of the financial aid employment expectation with student loan borrowing, and can contact Student Financial Services for more information.