Monthly Payment Plan

A payment plan allows your family to spread costs across the academic year.

Bates offers a monthly payment plan through Tuition Management Systems (TMS) to help families spread their payments across the academic year in equal installments. Families can choose from plans covering a single semester or the full year, with each offering flexible payment options. Most families elect the 10-month plan, which starts in July and ends in April.

The fee to enroll in a full-year plan is $70 — the semester enrollment fee is $55. Families who wish to enroll in a plan or would like additional information may call 800-722-4867 or visit

Please note that TMS cannot advise you on the amount of your budgeted payment plan — you will need to calculate this amount. Payment plans can be adjusted or updated as needed by contacting TMS.

Participants in the payment plan receive monthly bills from Bates until the student’s account is paid in full. If the amount budgeted by the family is not sufficient to cover the student’s bill by the end of the term, a reminder may be sent to the family from Student Financial Services.