Parents Fund Committee

Bates gains strength from Parents Fund Committee volunteers, who help secure annual gifts that close the gap between tuition revenues and overall budget needs. We are grateful for the gifts of service the following volunteers gave to Bates in 2011-12:

Parents Fund Committee
  1. James and Cherry Karlson P'13, Co-Chairs
  2. Wes and Maria Kussmaul P'12, P'16, Co-Chairs
  3. Robert and Kathleen Whelan P'05, Honorary Co-Chairs
Class of 2012 Committee
  1. Michael and Risa Freedman P'12
  2. James Healey and Pam Dowling P'12
  3. Tad and Margaret Jacks P'12
  4. Laura and Joel Kaplan P'12
  5. Thomas and Ruth Nardini P'12, Co-Chairs
  6. William and Susan Repko P'12
  7. Richard Smith and Carol Marine P'12
  8. Joseph and Edie Tato P'12, Co-Chairs
  9. John and Susan Wilson P'12
Class of 2013 Committee
  1. W. Reed and Veronica Chisholm P'13, Co-Chairs
  2. Bruce and Becky Epstein P'13, Co-Chairs
  3. Nancy Gingras P'13
  4. Alison Prawer P'13
  5. Russell Pyne P'13
  6. Scott and Pam Stewart P'13
  7. Perry and Robin Traquina P'13
Class of 2014 Committee
  1. Ellen Blais P'14
  2. Steven Burke '81 and Katie Tucker Burke '81, P'13, P'14
  3. Robert Cramer '79 and Molly Cramer P'13, P'14, Co-Chairs
  4. Jed and Kirsten Dawson P'14, Co-Chairs
  5. Donald Hannan P'14
  6. Brian and Sarah Nixon P'14
  7. Charles Wilmerding P'14
Class of 2015 Committee
  1. Louisa and Neale Attenborough P'15, Co-Chairs
  2. Sam Cuddeback P'15
  3. Giovanna Lee P'15
  4. Jennifer Guckel Porter '88 and Ted Porter P'15, Co-Chairs
Parents of Alumni Classes Committee
  1. Connie Barr P'11
  2. Bob and Linda Infelise P'09
  3. James and Carole Levin P'09
  4. Esther Bynum Sharp P'04
  5. Dolores Shoback P'07, P'11
  6. Howard and Joan Simon P'09
  7. Tom White P'11, Chair