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Questions concerning coverage or claims

The Bates Health Center at 207-786-6199 or Cross Insurance at 1-800-537-6444

Urgent Insurance Information

Bates has changed the policy for Student Health Insurance. ALL students are required to have their own private insurance policy or to have purchased a Bates College plan.

If you have insurance through your family policy, you must let the company know you are at Bates College and find out how to handle all insurance claims and problems while at Bates. The Health Center will be unable to process your claim, handle your bills or answer any questions about your individual policy. Pre-approval is often needed for x-rays, lab tests and hospitalizations.

If you have purchased the Bates College policy, our insurance coordinator can help you with certain problems and concerns. You are still responsible for understanding your policy and following the needed procedures and claim form requirements.

It is important that students carry insurance cards and prescription cards with them just as you carry your Bates ID.

The Health Center will write prescriptions for most medical needs. These prescriptions can be filled at any pharmacy including

  • Bedard: 61 College St Lewiston, 786-0138
  • CVS: East Ave, Lewiston, 783-9134
  • CVS: 446 Sabattus St, Lewiston 783-3784
  • Rite Aid: 430 Sabattus, Lewiston 783-2013
  • Medicine Shoppe: 373 Sabattus, Lewiston 783-3539

Most of these stores are walking distance of the Health Center and Campus.

All Pap tests must be done Exactly one year from the date of your previous test, or it will not be covered. Please find out when the exact date of your last pap, so that your insurance company can cover the cost of the test.

The Health Center staff will be happy to assist students; but, please be aware that students are ultimately responsible for initiating, handling and paying all insurance claims.

Insurance Policy

The college has a mandatory insurance requirement.  Bates will enroll all students in a comprehensive health insurance policy sponsored by the college.  All students will be charged the cost of this policy unless they waive coverage by registering with Bates their own comprehensive policy with at least $100,000 coverage.  The Bates College Student Health Insurance Policy (for US students) is underwritten by Harvard Pilgram Health Care and will provide coverage from August 15, 2011 to August 14, 2012 for $722 annually.  Coverage is worldwide.  International students will be enrolled in a separate plan specifically for international students underwritten by Nationwide Insurance Company, at a cost of $684 annually.  This coverage is also worldwide, but with home country restrictions.  The insurance fee will appear on the student’s bill for the fall semester, unless the student waives the fee by providing proof of other insurance coverage.  It is important to note that the cost of insurance will be factored into the cost of attendance that is used to determine financial aid eligibility and awards.

All students are required to have insurance.  Any USA based insurance company, including MaineCare, is an acceptable alternative to the Bates Plan.  If an International student is already insured by an international insurance program and believes that it provides coverage in USA, the student or parent should contact that company directly and obtain “USA COVERAGE VERIFICATION” in writing.  Most international insurance policies DO NOT cover claims in the USA.

A copy of the verification letter must be sent to the Registrar’s office.  The student will then be instructed to go to the Garnet Gateway and “opt out” of the international plan.


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