This site is meant to provide you with all the information you need to know about AESOP: Bates’ “Annual Entering Student Outdoor Program.” AESOP is a student run organization that allows two excited student-leaders to introduce the first-year students to life at Bates throughout the course of a several day trip. These trips are everything from hiking to community service and take place all over Maine and New Hampshire. Through stories and guidance, you will learn everything from expectations in the classroom to long lasting traditions on campus, all while making valuable friendships before the year even begins. Feel free to roam around the site, look up what trips we have to offer, read their descriptions, learn about the history of AESOP and see what we’re all about! You can find the perfect trip by following the link: “What Trip Should I Choose” and, when you’re ready, head over to Garnet Gateway to officially sign up for a trip!  All new students, except fall athletes who are in training, must sign up for a trip. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

Please submit your payment for AESOP using the AESOP Payment Form.


                  Schedule for Fall 2016 Coming Soon!


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The AESOP 2015 blog has hit the press!

We keep a blog every spring and summer sharing some stories from the coordinators and our student leaders to tell a bit about what we’ve been up to on our end and how the inner-workings of AESOP are going. With the new year well underway, we have finally begun blogging again to keep you updated on where we are in the AESOP planning process. If you’d like to follow what we’ve been up to, check in on our blog as we’ll be posting to it as often as we can in the coming months.

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