Meet the Coordinators

AESOP is student-led with support from the Office of Residence Life and Health Education. We are free to explore new trip ideas and keep the program fresh and student-focused! We love our school and we love what we do: a wonderful combination that allows us to infuse our own joy about AESOP, Bates, Maine, and Lewiston into the beginning of your four years here.

We are dedicated to making this the best AESOP possible! We work steadily throughout the school year to prepare for the upcoming AESOP program and will work continuously throughout the summer in preparation for your arrival on campus in August. We look forward to meeting each of you and hope you are all excited about coming to Bates. If you have any questions, feel free to email us at We’ll answer your questions as quickly as possible, but bear in mind that there are many of you and only a few of us, so please be patient!

Maeve McSloy ’24 – Head Coordinator

Hometown: New York City, NY
What AESOP did you participate in as a First-year? Field Games (Covid AESOP)

Hey Newly Minted Cats!! We’re so super excited to welcome you onto campus so soon and wave you off on your fantastic AESOP trip! Even though my AESOP was during peak Covid times, I still had a great time. AESOP to me is the best way to get acquainted with Bates, meet people in your grade, and the coolest upperclassmen leaders who are full of knowledge to share. I can’t wait to meet all of you!!
Here’s a little bit about me! I grew up in New York City, but have been going to a wilderness sleepaway camp in Maine since I was 10, so I know the trails and rivers of Maine pretty well. The winters…. I’m not as fond of. On campus, I’m on the Women’s Track & Field team as a sprinter and a thrower. I’m a double major in Politics and Economics so I spend a lot of time in Pettengill hall (Pgill), and my favorite study spot is the Ronj on Frye St. I spend a lot of time finding fun food places all around, so if you ever need a recommendation I’m your gal!

I’m beyond excited to see all of you go on your AESOP trips and hear all the fun stories when you get back!!

Faith Nwando ’24 – Head Coordinator

Hometown: Queens, NY
What AESOP did you participate in as a First-year? Woodshop (Covid AESOP)

Hello Bobcats, welcome to the Bates community, it’s a pleasure to be part of your Bates experience. AESOP was a significant part of my first-year experience. I made friends while doing something I have never done before and enjoyed every part of being with my peers. What more could you ask for?!

A little about myself, I am from Queens, New York. I spend my time home reading with my best friends by any trees we find while drinking boba tea. I enjoy gardening with my neighbor and mom. My favorite thing about our garden is our tomatoes (between you and me it’s because that’s what I honestly know how to garden well). During the summer I love camping, hiking, and canoeing with my friends and family in upstate New York near the Hounsien river. Though mainly growing up in the city before the summer of 2009 when my family began going camping the outdoors were scary but I began to love it. I think you would love it too if you are interested in the outdoors and looking for how to get outside. Our goal is for you to feel comfortable trying uncomfortable things and you will be supported along your process.

My life in Bates is not so different from back home; I enjoy spending time with my friends instead of reading under trees we cook dinners together and read. I am in the gospel choir group here at Bates, the Gospelaires. I am a community engagement organizer in Bonner where I get the privilege to interact with the community at Lewiston by volunteering for local organizations around the Lewiston and Auburn area (so if you want to know more about Lewiston/ Auburn I am very well versed for that ). The rest of my time is spent in the library, in office hours, and in my room studying as a physics major.
I am so excited for you to experience all the great things that Bates offers and I know you will have a great time here starting with AESOP. Good luck!

Casey Head ’24 – Assistant Coordinator

Hometown: Portland, Oregon
What AESOP did you participate in as a First-year? Nature 1 (Covid AESOP)

Hey ‘cats! I’m pumped to see y’all on campus for AESOP and watch you embark on your new chapter here at Bates! Your AESOP trip will be one of the first core memories that you will look back on during your time here. Spending time with new people while exploring what makes Maine so special is the best way to get adjusted to your new home. I know you’re going to have an incredible time on your trip!

I knew that I wanted to go to school in Maine, even though I only visited Maine once before coming to Bates. I’ve lived in four different places before Bates, hopping around from California, Texas, Denmark, and Oregon all before knowing that Maine, and Bates specifically, was the next step in my journey. Here on campus, I am an Environmental Studies major with a concentration in Ecology and Earth Systems. I love exploring everything Maine has to offer, and as a trip leader for the Outing Club, I try and get out to explore new trails and things to discover. When I’m not outside, you can find me spending time with friends, doing homework in my favorite secret study spots, and even making an occasional TikTok video.

College can seem daunting, but the goal of AESOP is to allow you to have a smooth transition to the new people and places around you. I’ve had a blast at Bates so far, and I know you will absolutely love it here! See you soon!