Departmental News

Comings & Goings 

We are very excited to welcome Visiting Assistant Professor Kate White. You can learn more about Prof. White’s research and teaching interests here.

We are also excited to welcome Alexandra Abry back to the department. Ms. Abry graduated from Bates in 2013 and will be serving in the position of Assistant in Instruction (AI) during the fall semester 2015.

Prof. Kathy Low will serve as an associate dean of the faculty during the 2015-2016 academic year.

Prof. Amy Douglass will be on sabbatical during the 2015-2016 academic year.

Prof. Rebecca Fraser-Thill will be on leave during the fall semester of 2015.

Mr. Brian Pfohl will be on leave during the fall semester of 2015.

Student Awards

We are pleased to announce the following award recipients for the Class of 2015:

Robert S. Moyer Prize in Experimental Psychology

Megan Lapp

Richard V. Wagner Prize for issues related to peace, conflict resolution, or social justice

Caroline Kern

The Leland And Claudina Bechtel Award for significant community service to a local nonprofit agency

Brett Emmons, Brenna Callahan, & Naima Qambi


Check out the Student Awards Archive for winners from previous years!