Departmental News

Comings & Goings 

Professor Kathy Low will serve as an associate dean of the faculty. Although she will supervise some thesis students, she will be released from all other teaching responsibilities.

Professor Todd Kahan will be on sabbatical in 2014-2015. Professor Kahan’s sabbatical is supported by a James McKeen Cattell Fund Fellowship.  This fellowship is presented in partnership with the Association for Psychological Science (APS) to psychology faculty engaged in a research project, to allow an extension of sabbatical from one to two semesters. In a typical year, only three or four fellowships are awarded, following a competition with applicants from throughout the United States and Canada.

Student Awards

We are pleased to announce the following award recipients for the Class of 2014:

Robert S. Moyer Prize in Experimental Psychology

Mariya Manahova

(View the abstract for her project here.)

Richard V. Wagner Prize for issues related to peace, conflict resolution, or social justice

Mary (Ali) Millard

The Leland And Claudina Bechtel Award for significant community service to a local nonprofit agency

Aisling Ryan


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