Posting a Job in Handshake

Post the Position

  1. Login to Handshake
  2. To post a new job, go to Job Postings in the main navigation bar, and click“New Job” in the upper-right.
  3. Fill out the required fields and as many of the non-required fields as possible. Click “Create Job” at the bottom of the page when done.

Some notable fields in the New Job form are:

  1. Title: Please enter the job title followed by the job number [Example: Student Worker (S1234B)]
  2. Tracking code:  this field is not required and you can leave it blank
  3. Division: select your department from the drop down menu
  4. Job Type: You should select “On-Campus Student Employment”
  5. Work Study: Leave this box unchecked.
  6. Job Functions: The tasks required to perform the job.  This is not required for on campus student jobs.
  7. Pay rate:  if you know what pay grade the job is (A, B, C or X), please enter here.  If not, the student employment office staff will enter this info.
  8. Duration:  This field is not required, but you may enter helpful information such as “academic year” or “month of July only.”
  9. Default Expiration Date: By default, all jobs expire three months after being posted. This means that they disappear from the student’s view. You can enter a specific date for the job to expire instead of the default three months.
  10. Description/Desired Skills / Responsibilities: These three fields detail what exactly your job looks like.  If you know what shifts you have available, it is helpful, but not required to enter the days/times that you have available.
  11. External Contact: If you wish to list a specific contact for this job, can select one of your school’s contacts here. Contacts are not people in the system, they are just a name and email address. For example, a contact could be made for an academic administrative assistant who does not have an account on Handshake.
  12. Email Application Packages: The box is checked by default; this makes it so that whenever a student applies for this job, their application will be forwarded to the contact listed via email.
  13. Send Summary: This box is checked by default; this box makes it so that all applicant’s documents will be sent to the listed contact when the job expires.
  14. Application Medium: Always check/select Handshake.  
  15. Required Documents: Students will see this note when asked to submit job documents for this job. All on campus jobs should require a resume; a cover letter is strongly encouraged.
  16. Located in the US?  It’s not the logical choice, but –DO NOT CHECK THIS BOX.  If it is checked, uncheck the box.
  17. Document Notes:  If you selected “Other” in required job documents, this field is required so that students know what to submit. (An example: “please upload a statement indicating why you are interested in this job.”)
  18. On the “schools” tab (at the bottom of the page), select “Bates.”
  19. Schools Years:  select the class years that the position is open to.  For example, senior fellow positions would only be available to seniors.  If you would like the position to be open to all years, you may leave them all unchecked.