Our Mission

The Student Employment Office acts as a liaison between employers and students, connecting employers with students interested in seeking available employment opportunities.

The Student Employment Office is a resource for students and employers uncertain of employment processes. Our primary function is to guide students through the required employment processes to be eligible for work. We assist in employment-related processes ranging from filling out tax forms to posting available on-campus and off-campus positions to helping students remember to fill out their timesheets. We help employers understand the requirements of being a supervisor, including how to hire students, where to approve timesheets, and what policies must be adhered to by student employees and employers.

The Student Employment Office strongly encourages students to consider employment during their time at Bates as it enriches their education outside the classroom. Employment serves as a source of income and promotes time-management skills, networking, and career-related experiences that help clarify individual career goals. These skills are advantageous for both the present and the future, regardless of what the students’ career goals may be.