FAQ for Students

For general information about Student Employment and our website, please refer to the Q & A below.

What are the benefits of getting an on-campus job?

One of the most important features of getting a job on campus is becoming registered in the Bates employment system. Once you have been work authorized, you can hold any positions on campus, from scoring a rugby game one afternoon to researching with a professor. Once you are offered a job, you can get work authorized. Come to the Student Employment Office with these original documents.

How does work-study help me get a job?

For the first two weeks of the academic year, supervisors are asked to prioritize qualified work-study applicants over non-work study applicants for on-campus positions. Here are 7 Things to Know About Work-Study and more information about Federal Work-Study.

Can I apply for more than one job? What if I am offered multiple jobs? Can I only accept one?

You are encouraged to apply for many jobs and are allowed to accept more than one job if you feel you can commit to all of them. Remember, you are only allowed to work a total of 20 hours per week, no matter how many jobs you have. If you are offered more than one job and only want to accept one, politely decline the employer’s offer.

Why can’t I see my “Employee Menu” on Garnet Gateway?

Your supervisor may not have submitted a hiring form to the Payroll Office. Before contacting the Student Employment Office, ask your supervisor if they have submitted a hiring form for you. Due to the large volume of hiring forms received (especially during the beginning of the academic year), the Payroll Office may not have processed yours yet. Within 2-3 days of filling out your tax forms and being hired, you should be able to see the Employee Menu.

I forgot to submit my timesheet.  What do I do?

Please visit the Turning in Late Timesheets page of the Student Employment Office website. The process for submitting an Adobe Sign Student Timesheet is described on that page. Additionally, the Steps for Adobe Sign Timesheet guide provides step by step instructions.

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