Hiring Procedure For Faculty and Staff

See the Supervisor Employment Flowchart to assist you in navigating the employment process

1. Identify the position you wish to hire

There are eight General positions available to all departments on campus.  Please review these positions on the Student Job Database before requesting the creation of a new position.  The job descriptions for these general positions may not exactly describe the job you have in mind,  however, if the basic outline of the position is sufficient, please use one of the general positions. There is a comments section on the Student Employment Forms: Post Existing Position form.  If you wish to include specific responsibilities or attributes of the proposed position, list them in the comments section, and SEO can include that in the job posting on Handshake.  

If you need a more specialized job:

  1. Check with your department or the Student Job Database for previously established position descriptions and see if the position you need has already been created.
  2. If you wish to create a new position, complete the form Student Employment Forms: Create a New Position on the Student Employment website at the Home Page under Quick Links. Please complete it to the best of your ability. If you want to post the position, include the date to begin accepting applications. SEO will then post the position on Handshake. 

2. The Hiring Process

  1. Fill out the Student Employment Forms: Post Existing Position on the Student Employment website at the Home Page under Quick Links, and we will post it on Handshake for students to apply. If you have submitted a Create a New Position or Modify Existing Position form and included a date to begin accepting applications, you do not need to also submit a Student Employment Forms: Post Existing Position form.
  2. Resumes and cover letters will be sent directly to your email, or the email associated with the job posting.  Interview candidates and make job offers.
  3. After you have offered the job to the student, please submit a Student Personnel Action. All students need to be work authorized in order to start working. This means they have completed all federally and state mandated employment forms and have established their work eligibility in the United States.
  4. Student who are not Bates Work Authorized (BWA) are not allowed to work, attend training, or attend staff meetings until such time as they are work authorized.  Please verify student’s work authorization status before completing the Student Personnel Action. A student’s work authorization is valid throughout their time as a student at Bates. If the student is Bates Work Authorized, submit a Hire – Has BWA action. If the student is not Bates Work Authorized, submit a Hire – Needs BWA action. The Student Personnel Action page provides tips for determining if a student is Bates Work Authorized. Submitting a Hire – Needs BWA action will initiate the BWA process and SEO will coordinate with the student.
  5. Once the student has completed their forms and provided the HR office with their identification, their BWA document will be created. The student will be instructed to send their hiring manager an email confirmation.
  6. The current minimum wage is $13.80 per hour.  All student jobs are set up at that rate unless otherwise approved by the Office of Finance.

3. Timekeeping

  1. Once the SEO has received the hiring form, an electronic timesheet will be created in the student’s Garnet Gateway Account. The students are responsible for recording their hours on the timesheet. A pay period lasts two weeks. Please familiarize yourself with the student payroll calendar and create reminders on your Google calendar to indicate when to approve the timesheets.
  2. Students may have more than one job and can work a maximum of 20 hours per week while classes are in session, across all jobs. It helps if you know that your student worker has more than one job so that the student can be scheduled correctly. Any student who exceeds the 20-hour maximum is subject to termination in that position.
  3.  International students are allowed to work a maximum of 20 hours per week by federal law. Any international student who exceeds 20 hours is subject to dismissal from the college and loss of visa status. Be particularly vigilant with the international students. We want to protect their status in the United States.
  4. Students must submit their timesheet by 3:00 PM on the second Sunday of the pay period. You have the right as their supervisor to require that the student submit their timesheet earlier. 
  5. Do not allow or accept the recording of any hours other than those hours worked during those two weeks. Please do not suggest that they exceed the 20-hour limit and record the additional hours in a different week or pay period. A timesheet is a legal document and must only reflect what was actually worked.
  6. If a student does not meet the timesheet deadline or forgets to record hours on the timesheet, they must submit an Adobe Sign Student Timesheet.  Please see the Turning in Late Timesheets page for more detail.  

4. Responsibilities as a Timesheet Approver

  1. Timesheets must be approved by 11:59 P.M. on the Tuesday following the pay period end date. If this is not possible, please contact someone from the Payroll Office. We ask that timesheets be approved by Noon on that Tuesday, as a best practice. It can be helpful to set up a calendar reminder for every other Tuesday to approve student timesheets.
  2. Timesheets in the IN PROGRESS status on Garnet Gateway have not been submitted by the student. Please monitor the status of your student employees timesheets in order to ensure they are submitted timely.
  3. Timesheets can only be approved once they have been submitted by either the student or, if the student neglects to submit by the deadline, the Payroll Office will submit on their behalf. Once a timesheet has been submitted, it will be in PENDING status and can then be approved by the supervisor.
  4. Timesheets can not be Returned for Correction after the time entry deadline for students. The time entry deadline is always the Sunday at 2:59 p.m. After that deadline, students will not have access to their timesheet. Please see the Student Payroll Calendar to confirm dates. If corrections are needed, please use the “Change Record” feature on Garnet Gateway, make necessary edits, and then add a Comment indicating the changes. You can then Approve.
  5. Always check on the Monday after the end of the pay period to see if there is a timesheet in the Pending list. Even if you think you have already approved all PENDING timesheets. It is possible that others have been submitted since you last looked. Timesheets in ERROR status can also be approved. 
  6. Every approver must have a Proxy Timesheet Approver. A proxy can approve the timesheets in your absence. You may set up more than one. Faculty members may ask their Academic Administrative Assistant to act as their Proxy. 
  7. Student timesheets become available on the first Tuesday of the pay period. 

There is much more information available on the SEO website. For assistance, contact seo@bates.edu or at 207-786-6303.