Student Employment Checklist

See the Student Employment Flowchart to assist you in navigating this process.

1. Log in to Handshake

To log in to Handshake, use your Bates email username and password. Check out our Handshake Tips and Tricks.

2. Apply for Jobs

All on-campus jobs require a resume and a cover letter as part of their application process. Want help with your resume or cover letter? Check out Purposeful Work and look at their drop-in hours or schedule an appointment.

3. Receive a Job Offer

Receive confirmation from your supervisor that they are hiring you for the job. After you have accepted a position, you can become work authorized. If you have already been through the BWA process, simply send your Bates Work Authorization card to your employer and begin working.

4. Become Work Authorized

When it is time for your I-9 in-person document verification appointment, go to the Student Employment Office at 215 College Street, Lewiston, ME. Make sure to bring your original documents, know your social security number, bank routing number, and bank account number (this is not your credit/debit card number).

5. Receive your Bates Work Authorization

Find your Bates Work Authorization card on Garnet Gateway under the Employee section under Training and Development. Send this to your supervisor as soon as you receive it. This is typically a part of the in-person appointment. 

6. Work!!!