Student Pay Scale

The following is a chart of the student pay scale for the academic year and summer. The Student Employment Office grades student positions based on the original position description submitted by a supervisor.

Grade Academic Year Rate Summer  Rate Description of Duties
A $7.75 $8.00 Grade A positions include standard, routine duties which require minimal prior training or experience. Most often, students in Grade A positions work with other students and are frequently supervised.
B $8.00 $8.25 Students working in Grade B positions perform above-average duties of a complex nature requiring prior knowledge, skill, or training. Grade B positions may be physically demanding and the work may be performed under difficult conditions. Students in Grade B positions most often work with little or no supervision.
C $8.25 $8.45 Grade C positions include exceptional student duties of a complex nature, requiring extensive prior knowledge, skill, or training. Grade C positions may include strenuous and constant physical activity. Students in Grade C positions take on a heavy workload, perform work with little or no supervision, and often have supervisory responsibilities over other students. Students in Grade C positions do not have time to complete homework or other non-work related activities while at the job.