DOS: AESOP Director (S9656X)

Summary, Scope, and Responsibilities

The AESOP Director assists with directing the entire AESOP program in the fall.

Specific responsibilities include, but may not be limited to:

  • Manage entire AESOP program which involves making campsite reservations and organizing programs
  • Recruit and Train Trip Leaders
  • Select trips and create itineraries
  • Produce the brochure and keep AESOP website updated
  • Recruit and select first year participants and place them on trips
  • Responsible for creating and conducting the training program for Trip Leaders
  • Manage equipment and food
  • Budget
  • Responsible for making a final report
  • Responsible for training assistants directors for their next year as head director

The Basics

Department: Dean of Student's Office
Supervisor: Holly Gurney
Office Location: 103 Lane Hall
Email: hgurney
Pay Grade: X
Hours: 40
Workers: 2-3

Qualifications, Requirements, and Responsibilities



EDUCATION: This student must have completed their sophomore year at Bates and must be WFA, first aid, and CPR certified. It is helpful for head directors to be assistant directors the year before but not required.

EXPERIENCE: The AESOP Director must have extensive camping experience and some skill with reading maps and planning trips.


EDUCATION: Wilderness First Aid



REPORTS TO: Holly Gurney

COORDINATES/WORKS CLOSELY WITH: Dean of Students Staff, Commons, Security, Dean of Students, First Year Parents

SUPERVISORY RESPONSIBILITIES: The AESOP Director 80-100 AESOP Trip Leaders, and 350-400 first year students.


ENVIRONMENT: Bates Outing Club E Room, AESOP, 111 Bardwell, and 45 Campus Ave

TRAVEL REQUIREMENTS: Camping in Maine and New Hampshire. For canoe trips, canoe trailer will be used.

PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS: The AESOP Director must be able to lift, carry, setup, and teach AESOP leaders how to use camping equipment. During office hours the Director will reserve campsites, organize programs, and lift supplies.

MACHINES & EQUIPMENT USED: Camping equipment including stoves, fuel, propane. Co-Coordinator will drive vans and canoe trailers.

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