PE/ATH: Head Lifegaurd (S9765X)

Summary, Scope, and Responsibilities

The Head Lifeguard is responsible for coordinating and hiring lifeguards for Tarbell Pool.  This individual must make up a semester schedule for the guards and arrange for guarding at special events at the pool.  The Head Guard is responsible for making sure that guards show up for their shifts and if not, must have a flexible schedule to cover for a missing guard.  The Head Lifeguard is also responsible for reporting accidents and equipment malfunctioning to the Associate Director of Athletics.


The responsibilities begin on the first day of the semester or short term and conclude on the last day of the semester or short term.  Some pre-planning and post-reporting may be required.  The Head Lifeguard does not have the responsibility or authority to schedule activities in the pool.  Requests should be forwarded to the Aquatics Director.

Specific responsibilities include, but may not be limited to:

  • Interview and train all Bates College student lifeguards in specific Bates College responsibilities and procedures.
  • Obtain proof of certification (current LGT, CPR, First Aid).  File certifications and forward copies to Aquatics Director.
  • Schedule lifeguards for all scheduled pool hours during time when classes are in session.  Develop a working list of substitutes.  (Having each lifeguard’s class schedule would be very helpful).  Institute a procedure for securing substitutes.  The Head Lifeguard will cover some of the times that lifeguards do not show.  (Responsible Bates lifeguards will be given priority for work during college vacations as well, but you will not be responsible for scheduling them).
  • Circulate the lifeguard schedule (and any changes) to appropriate parties ie.  Building Coordinator, Aquatics Director, Lifeguards, etc.
  • Routinely visit pool to check on lifeguards and other issues.  Know and enforce pool policies/handbook.  Insist that lifeguards follow policies – communicate and evaluate.
  • Administer student pay slips.  Verify, sign, collect and deliver.
  • Maintain a safe, clean pool environment (equipment, facilities and supplies).
  • Administer a procedure for lifeguards to sign in and sign out.  This will include securing the key, transferring the key, unlocking and locking all access doors, log in and log out.
  • Administer waterproofing test to appropriate teams i.e. Crew, sailing, and water skiing.
  • Coordinate with PE Director to secure student teachers for Physical Education classes.
  • Coordinate with PE Director and Aquatics Director to organize Red Cross courses, LGT, LGI, CPR, WSI, etc.
  • Other duties assigned by supervisor.

The Basics

Department: Physical Education / Athletics
Supervisor: Peter Casares
Office Location: Merrill Gym
Email: pcasares
Pay Grade: X
Hours: 5-6
Workers: 2

Qualifications, Requirements, and Responsibilities


REQUIRED: EDUCATION: American Red Cross Lifeguard Training and Community First Aid.


SUPERVISORY RESPONSIBILITIES: Must coordinate and work closely with other guards working at the pool. Head guard is responsible for making sure that guards have filled out the appropriate paperwork for Bates payroll, schedule shifts and fill out time sheets for working guards. Must make sure that all guards have up to date certification. The Head guard is also responsible for making sure that guards report for their appropriate shifts and fill in when necessary. REPORTS TO: Peter Casares COORDINATES/WORKS CLOSELY WITH: Peter Casares, Donna Rose, Marsha Graef, maintenance workers at the pool, and other lifeguards. Open communication between the Student Head Lifeguard, the Aquatics Director, the Merrill Gymnasium Building Coordinator, and the PE Director is necessary for efficient operation of Tarbell Pool.


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