ADV: Reunion Bates Star Coordinator (S9807X)

Summary, Scope, and Responsibilities


The Reunion Bates Star Coordinator is in charge of advertising, recruiting, interviewing, hiring and training the Reunion Student Staff.

They begin working with APE staff in March to develop an application and a plan to publicize the positions using various campus resources. He or she will create and post fliers, use Facebook, MySpace, e-mail blasts, the employment website, etc. to recruit students. The Coordinator will also be in charge of setting up interviews, preparing interview questions and coordinating interviews with professional staff members. Usually this process continues up until and often including several days prior to the start of the weekend.

Once a staff has been hired, the Coordinator will be putting together staff packets and training materials for each Bates Star. This includes compiling a contact list, and FAQs document, program guide for the weekend, etc. Probably the most challenging aspect of this role is creating the weekend schedule for each Bates Star. The Coordinator will assign each Bates Star a specific class (class host) as well as other events that they will be responsible for staffing. They must be able to make good pairs between class hosts and classes, and make sure Bates Stars are comfortable with their class assignments, and that there aren’t any conflicts. The schedule is broken down, hour by hour, and sorted by time and person.

Furthermore, he or she will also play a large role in the Orientation for Bates Stars. They will assist staff with ordering Bates Star t-shirts, ordering the food and communicating the meeting with all Bates Stars. The Coordinator is the most important of the Reunion Leadership positions, because it is the liaison for all communications between the Bates stars and all other parties.



REQUIRED: Driver’s license
EDUCATION: High School
EXPERIENCE: Administrative Work



Specific responsibilities include, but may not be limited to:

The responsibilities of a Bates Star are not only for their specific class, but for all alumni on campus. Although each Bates Star is primarily responsible for his/her class, a Bates Star is expected to provide assistance to anyone who may need it throughout the weekend. Bates Stars usually begin their weekend on the Wednesday before Reunion, with an orientation, golf-cart training and test, and BBQ. Those who are assigned to the 50th Reunion class will begin Thursday morning, others Friday morning, by decorating the dorm in which his/her class will be staying; this may include blowing up balloons, hanging streamers in the lounges of the dorm(s) and transporting food, water, coolers, etc. to the dorm to ensure that each building is adequately supplied. Often times Bates Stars are given pictures to help decorate the lounge(s) and posters (or asked to make their own) which welcomes their class to Reunion. Bates Stars usually remain in the dorm while their class arrives, providing assistance to those who may need help carrying suitcases. Bates Stars are also responsible for making sure each alum is able to get into his/her room, hassle-free. If there is a problem with a key (which oftentimes there is), it is up to the Bates star to make that alum his/her number one priority and fix the problem as quickly as possible. Bates Stars must also be available incase an alum needs extra supplies, such as towels, blankets, soap, etc. Once alums arrive and activities begin on campus, Bates Stars must be available to transport alums to wherever they may need to go, including class meals, panel speakers, and the Memorial Service. Before the class parade, Bates Stars help their class assemble costumes, make signs, group for the parade, etc.

Bates Stars may also be called upon to work in registration for an hour or two or as a meet & greet person at Commons or other venues where an activity may be occurring (or even to dress up as the Bobcat). Bates Stars eat meals in Commons with the alums and stay in the same dorm with their class, still available in case anyone has any problems. Bates Stars begin every morning at 7AM by bringing all golf carts from Merrill to campus, and end every night (once all alums are in their dorms or are no longer in need of golf carts) by returning every cart to Merrill.

The most important responsibility of a Bates Star is making sure EVERYONE on campus is happy the entire weekend. They are always “on” and need to be prepared to answer any question an alum has, give directions, transport someone somewhere, troubleshoot a problem, direct them to a staff member and relay any feedback to the Alumni and Parent Engagement Staff. It is an exciting weekend for alums, especially those seeing their friends/the campus for the first time in 50 years, so it is up to the students to provide as much assistance as possible, in order for the alums to maximize and enjoy their time with their friends. Bates Stars are expected to be the front face for our office and must always be professional, helpful, friendly and willing to do whatever is needed at a moment’s notice. They are required to attend the following activities (including set-up, greeting, staffing and tear-down):

These are the minimum time requirements.

The Basics

Department: College Advancement
Supervisor: Munroe Graham
Office Location: 67 Campus Ave, Alumni House
Email: mgraham4
Pay Grade: X
Hours: 20 during short-term and 40 for 2 weeks prior to/including Reunion Weekend.
Workers: 1

How to Apply:

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The Basics

Department: College Advancement
Supervisor: Munroe Graham
Office Location: 67 Campus Ave, Alumni House
Email: mgraham4
Pay Grade: X
Hours: 20 during short-term and 40 for 2 weeks prior to/including Reunion Weekend.
Workers: 1

Qualifications, Requirements, and Responsibilities