Direct Deposit

All student workers on campus are paid through direct deposit.

Direct deposit is a safe and easy way to be paid. When students come to the Student Employment Office to fill out their tax forms, they also fill out a direct deposit banking form. Direct deposit means that every payday, students’ money is electronically transferred directly to their bank account (either checking or savings) and that students do¬†not receive a paper pay check.

If you are a student and do not have a bank account, you can set up an account on campus during orientation before you begin working. Many students on campus choose to use TD Bank because TD Bank ATM machines are conveniently on campus, and because TD Bank representatives attend the New Student Orientation to help students create accounts. If you have a pre-existing account (an account with TD Bank or any other bank), you may choose to use that account for direct deposit allocations.

Once setup with direct deposit, students can track their wage information on their personalized Garnet Gateway account. On Garnet Gateway, students can view their direct deposit allocation and earning history. If students have questions about their Bates banking records, we suggest that they first check Garnet Gateway before contacting personnel at the Student Employment or Payroll Offices.