Bicycle Registration Program

Members of the community are encouraged to register their bicycles at no cost.

The individual is provided with a numbered sticker which is placed on the bicycle.

The serial number and their pertinent data is recorded on a registration form.

A copy of the form is provided to the owner, Campus Safety, and the Lewiston Police Department.

The crime prevention program plays an important plays an important and significant role within the Bates College Community.

The Crime Prevention Office works with the belief that they are a component to the educational process for students, faculty and staff within the community.

Relying on a teamwork approach, the responsibility in the reduction of crime lies with Campus Safety, the individual, and the campus community.

Please note: Scooters and skateboards are allowed to be operated on campus walkways.  The operators of scooters and skateboards must yield the right of way to pedestrians on campus at all times.  Scooters and skateboards cannot be ridden inside any campus buildings.  These items are not allowed beyond the entrance to numerous buildings on campus.