Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Locations

Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) are located throughout the campus.  


AEDs are emergency medical devices used when a person is experiencing cardiac arrest, delivering an electrical shock designed to return the heart to its normal rhythm.  Bates maintains a number of these devices in fixed locations on campus, as well as portable units in our Campus Safety vehicles and for use by our Athletic Trainers and Health Care Providers.

Readily accessible AEDs are located in many of the College’s primary public venues, such as  museums, athletic facilities, and dining hall.

Please contact Campus Safety at (207) 786-6254 or Environmental Health & Safety at (207) 786-6413  with any questions.

  • Alumni Gym – 130 Central Ave
  • Athletics- Athletic Trainers – All Sporting Events
  • Bonney Science Center – 45 Campus Avenue
  • Campus Safety- Vehicle – 245 College Street
  • Cutten Maintenance Center –  147 Russell Street
  • Dana Chemistry Hall- 5 Andrews Road
  • Davis Fitness Center- 145 Russell Street
  • Bates EMS- Vehicle and Office- 56 Campus Avenue
  • Bates Health Services- 31 Campus Avenue
  • Merrill Gym- 141 Russell Street
  • New Commons- 136 Central Avenue
  • Bates Squash Center- 56 Alfred Plourde Parkway
  • Underhill Ice Arena- 145 Russell Street