Parking Ticket Appeals

Individuals may appeal a parking ticket by submitting an appeal form (below) to Campus Safety. Appeal forms must be submitted in writing within 7 calendar days of the violation along with a copy or corresponding Ticket # of the contested ticket. Appeals received after 7 calendar days will not be heard without an extenuating reason for such delay of process. Appeals forms shall be sent to the Parking Coordinator for a prompt review to be made concerning the requested action. (The form incorporated below will create an automatic email notification.) Appeals forms will be reviewed upon receipt. A decision will be made by the Parking Coordinator in a committee process regarding the merit of the appealed circumstances and the determined course of action, and that decision shall be documented in a written communication sent to the individual. The reviewed decision will be considered final.

Parking Appeals Form

An Appeals Request must be made within (7) days of the date which a ticket is written.

  • Use semicolon to separate between multiple entries. (Photo image(s) of the ticket(s) are to accompany the Appeal Request using the file upload feature below.)
  • Max. file size: 10 MB.
  • Consideration for an appeal will be made through a review of the publicized Parking Policy and Regulations (available online), as well as any pertinent communications which have been made officiating parking notices (email, etc.). Situations of particular medical emergency, mechanical emergency, or matters of safety which are communicated will also be considered. Instances of mechanical failure or safety concerns are expected to be communicated to the Campus Safety Dispatcher in advance in order to respond as appropriate and mitigate unnecessary enforcement action, but that does not guarantee to preclude a ticket being issued as the specific circumstances get evaluated.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.