Parking Permits FAQs

It is the responsibility of each student, employee (faculty and staff), and visitor to be familiar with the locations on campus where parking is permitted and any/all rules pertaining to parking on campus.  The campus map designates where students, employees, and visitors may park.

Similarly, it is the responsibility of each student, employee, and visitor to be aware of parking limits on streets adjacent to campus. Only a few streets are available for year-round parking (Frye St, Wood St, Nichols St). Most of the streets adjacent to campus prohibit overnight parking during the academic year, and certain streets prohibit overnight parking at any time of the year. Parking is prohibited from one side of the city streets from December 1 through March 31 each year during winter snow season. These are signed accordingly and are enforced by the Lewiston Police Department.

All vehicles parked on campus that are owned or operated by any student, employee, or overnight visitor must have a valid parking permit; assigned, issued, and properly displayed. Parking permits may be obtained through the office of Campus Safety. *The College does not guarantee availability of parking spaces on campus. A permit serves as permission to park in one of the college lots where space is available and designated for student, employee, or visitor use.*

Bates assumes no responsibility or liability for fire, theft, damage to or loss of any vehicle or any article left therein.

General parking announcements will be sent via email. All persons with parking permits are responsible for being knowledgeable of all information sent out in parking emails and for complying with any directives they contain.

Communication needs to be made if the license plate is changed on the vehicle which has a permit to avoid any confusion which could result in a ticket being issued.

How do students register for and receive a student parking permit?

Registration for a permit is accomplished through an internet link portal made available on Garnet Gateway. Please be careful to ensure that all the information submitted is accurate for interaction with the other computer database. Please DO NOT make repeated or multiple submissions for a permit. The cost for student permits are billed directly to student accounts. (The cost of the permit will be shown on the Garnet Gateway registration process – prorated for 2nd Semester or Short Term)

Permit requests will be processed with a numbered permit issued to the vehicle and entered into the database. The assigned permit will delivered to the student via the campus mailbox system through Post and Print. (Permits are not mailed to an address off campus). Permits must be affixed to the appropriate vehicles, and the envelopes will have instructions.

How do employees (faculty and staff) register for and obtain a parking permit?

All employees may obtain a no-cost parking permit from Campus Safety as part of their employment. The permit allows parking in any designated employee lot or space. Registration for a permit is accomplished through an internet link portal made available on Garnet Gateway, or available to pick up in person at Campus Safety dispatch office. New staff orientation provides guidance with the Garnet Gateway process (make sure you have available or know your vehicle information).

How do overnight visitors obtain a parking permit?

Visitors should obtain a permit to park their vehicle on campus overnight. Visitor parking permits can be obtained from the office of Campus Safety at 245 College St.

This no-cost parking permit that will allow them to park in any designated visitor lot or space. (The Olin Lot, accessed off North Bardwell St, is the preferred area for overnight visitor vehicles to park).

A visitor is defined as any person not employed with or enrolled at Bates College, who occasionally has business or another reason to be on campus.

What is the most frequent occurrence for vehicles being towed?

The most frequent occurrence for a vehicle being towed is that a vehicle has been issued five or more tickets on campus and is not registered with Campus Safety for contact information to be known.

Vehicles may also be towed when parked illegally or not in a designated space, or when blocking access for emergency vehicles or service vehicles. In particular, Fire Lane areas must be maintained open for fire vehicles to navigate.

Can students living in off-campus housing get visitors permits for their vehicles?

No. Students who are enrolled and living in off-campus housing are not considered visitors and are required to have a student permit.

Can I get a temporary permit while my car is being repaired, and I am using another vehicle?

Temporary permits are primarily issued to those who already have a parking permit and have a temporary need for use of another vehicle while the permitted vehicle is off site (repair, other family use, etc.). The party should go to Campus Safety to request a temporary permit. It will be verified that the party has a parking permit and a temporary permit will be issued with no cost for that limited period of use. Temporary permits must be displayed on the rear view mirror or dashboard, facing toward the windshield of the vehicle so that the printed information is visible from outside.

Can I get a temporary permit for a vehicle which will only be on campus for a very short period of time?

There are circumstances which might require a vehicle being brought to campus for a short duration of up to a couple week, which includes overnight parking (arrivals/departures, limited appointment needs, between Thanksgiving and end of 1st semester). These requests will be reviewed, and there is a $15.00 fee charged for the permit administration for students who are not registered with a parking permit.

NOTE that temporary permits are NOT issued in the event of a snow storm parking ban when there will be peak demand for the limited parking spaces available on campus. (In such instances, those vehicles without a permit are expected to utilize parking which the City makes available).

What is the process for obtaining a parking permit that allows for parking in Accessible parking spaces?

Accessibility permits are available for students who have a registered vehicle on campus, and due to an illness, injury or other medical reason have a mobility issue which significantly limits their walking distance. Requests for an Accessibility permit must be made by emailing Health Services.

Accessibility permits are temporary and are valid only for the duration of the medical issue, and valid only for such designated use in parking spaces on Bates campus; these permits are not legally recognized for parking in accessibility spaces off campus. The permit is exclusive to the registered vehicle to which it is assigned.

Where and how should permits be placed on the vehicle?

The parking permit decal must be applied to the rear most window on the driver’s side of the vehicle; preferably situated in the lower righthand corner.  If you have questions about placement of a parking permit call Campus Safety at 786-6254.

The student parking permits are designed to “void” when removed after proper affixing to the glass surface. If a permit is “voided” or shows other visible evidence of tampering, it is being improperly displayed and liable to result in a ticket. A damaged or “voided” permit needs to be removed and replaced.

Visitor permits and temporary permits must be displayed on the rear view mirror or dashboard, facing toward the windshield of the vehicle so that the printed information is visible from outside.

What if I need to get a new permit due to the permit I was issued being lost, stolen, damaged or needing to be exchanged?

Lost or stolen permits must be reported to Campus Safety immediately.

If a permit is damaged or needs to be exchanged, please remove the old permit from the vehicle and bring it to the office of Campus Safety. A replacement permit can then be issued in exchange for the former permit without additional cost.

What if a parking permit is tampered with, copied, or altered?

This deliberate action is a violation of the college’s parking policy. This may result in the vehicle being towed, and the owner being fined and/or referred to the Student Conduct Committee. Altered permits will be confiscated, and the vehicle’s owner could lose their parking privileges for the remainder of the academic year.

Students will be referred to the Office of Community Standards.

What if I bring a new or different vehicle to campus? Can I use my old permit?

Please remove the old permit from the former vehicle it was issued to, and bring it to the office of Campus Safety. A replacement permit can then be issued in exchange for the former permit without additional cost.

If you bring a different vehicle to campus than what was the information you used to registered for a permit with, and the permit has not yet been attached, those changes need to be communicated to the Parking Coordinator at Campus Safety to properly identify the vehicle with the permit.

Where are the designated areas for student vehicle parking on campus?

Parking On Campus FAQs