Bobcat Express Services During Break

The Bobcat Express will operate a limited schedule during semesters Break (12/21/2022 – 1/7/2023)

Pickup will be in the parking lot behind Chu Hall. Call 786-8300 if vehicle is not there.

Daily 11:00a – 5:00p (excluding the holidays listed below): *Weather permitting*

No Bobcat Express Transportation Service on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

No Bobcat Express Transportation Service on New Years Eve and New Years Day

The Bobcat Express will follow the usual format for Express L-A. (Auburn route leaves on the hour; Lewiston route leaves on the half hour)

Concord Coach will not continue daily bus stops on campus until 1/10/2023.

On the days which Bobcat Express is in operation, the driver can pick up from the Concord Coach bus stop at Exit 75 for the 12:40p and 4:50p times, given enough call ahead advance notice (the driver’s scheduled shift ends at 5:00p).

Bobcat Express will make limited early morning (4:30a) transports to Portland Jetport and Transportation Center only on 12/20/2022 and 12/21/2022.

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