Parking FAQs


Q: Does every student vehicle on campus need a permit?
A: Yes, all student vehicles must have a valid parking permit in order to park on campus. Any vehicle parking anywhere on campus is required to have a permit. All students are encouraged to register their vehicle with Campus Safety, and the permit is integral to that registration process. The permit allows Security to assist locating the owner of associated vehicle should any event of emergency or issue of a concern with that vehicle develop on or off campus.

Q: How do I apply for a parking permit?
A: The link is accessible online via logging in on Bates’ Garnet Gateway, and is found in the Accounting and Access section underneath the Security tab. Students will need their Bates ID to log-on and the vehicle’s registration information. It is important that the information is entered accurately to avoid issues with errors in the computer databases. Please note, in order to qualify for on-campus parking, the vehicle must be registered either to the student or a parent/family member. There have been some issues encountered with trying to connect with that link; the specific cause remains unknown. There are also computers available to students in the computer labs and library which have been tested to demonstrate they will connect, as well as at those in kiosk at Milt’s Lounge in Commons. Contact the Parking Coordinator if several attempts to go through Garnet Gateway are unsuccessful. (There may be a delayed response time while processing other permit requests already in a queue).

*The College does not guarantee parking will be available. A permit is merely permission to park legally in one of the college lots.*

Q: How do I obtain the issued parking permit?
A: Once the registration has been successfully submitted, allow a couple working days for a permit to be processed and issued. The permit will be delivered to the student using the campus mailbox system, and any communication that might accompany that. Instructions for proper application of the permit on the vehicle are included on the envelope.

Q: Where can I park while I am waiting for a permit?
A: Student vehicles may only park in spaces where Student parking is allowed. (See the Student section of Parking on Campus for further clarification).

Q: What if my vehicle is issued a ticket while I am waiting for my parking permit to process and deliver?
A: If the ticket violation only pertains to the vehicle not having a permit (no other parking behavior violation), you can submit an appeal to have that reviewed and any penalty removed. You are liable for the ticket enforcement if the vehicle was parked in a space or time Student parking is not allowed. (See the Student section of Parking on Campus for further clarification).

Q: I’m a student; where can I park during the business or class day?
A: Student vehicles may only park on campus in Student designated parking areas during the business or class day. Please refer to the Bates campus map to locate a student parking lot.

Q: Where can I park on nights and weekends?
A: City imposed restrictions prohibit overnight parking on most streets surrounding the campus during the academic year. Overnight parking on the public street is permitted only on Frye, Wood, and Nichols streets, as well as a section of Campus Ave near John Bertram house.

Students with permits are also allowed to park in:

  • All Student designated lots
  • Faculty/Staff lots between 5 p.m. and 7 a.m. during the weekdays and from 5 p.m. Friday to 7 a.m. Monday. All student vehicles not parked in Student designated spaces on campus must be moved after 7 a.m. on academic class days or normal business weekdays.

PLEASE NOTE: Parking is prohibited on North Bardwell Street between the hours of Midnight and 6 a.m., including weeknights and weekends.

Q: How much does a student parking permit cost?
A: The student parking permit fee is displayed on the Garnet Gateway link for application. Fall permits are issued for the academic year. Student permits are billed directly to student accounts. 2nd semester amount is prorated, and students leaving campus for 2nd semester abroad can return their permit for a partial refund being credited to their account. The permit does not guarantee that there is a space available at all times, but does allow for the available designated spaces to be used, and it provides a certain level of service being offered in association with parking.

Q: Are first year students allowed to park on campus?
A: Any student who has brought a vehicle with them is supposed to register for a permit. It is advised that first year students give strong consideration of not bringing a vehicle to campus until they have had the sufficient time to orientate themselves to campus life and managing the responsibilities within the academic schedule. Parking on and around campus can be difficult to navigate, and might create an additional stress and incur financial liability.

Q: Who can I talk to regarding parking issues?
A: Parking questions or concerns should be directed to the Parking Coordinator at Campus Safety < > or by phone at (207) 786-6037.


Q: I’m an employee. Where can I park?
A: Please refer to the Bates campus map to locate an employee parking lot.

Q: Do I need a parking permit?
A: Yes, all employee vehicles must have a valid parking permit in order to park on campus.

Q: Where do I get my parking permit?
A: The link is accessible online via logging in on Bates’ Garnet Gateway, and is found in the Accounting and Access section underneath the Security tab. New employees are directed to use the link during the initial orientation and onboarding process. (Have the vehicle registration information available to accurately enter this information.) Employees can also obtain a no-cost parking permit at the Office of Campus Safety located at 245 College Street (the corner of College Street and Campus Avenue).

Q: How much does a parking permit cost?
A: There is no cost for an employee parking permit.

Q: Can I get an additional permit for my other cars?
A: Yes, an additional permit can be given for those employees with multiple cars.

Q: What do I need to bring with me to get a permit for my vehicle(s)?
A: Your registration and Bates-issued employee ID is all that is needed. New employees must register their vehicle(s) within their first week of employment. This is often incorporated with the initial orientation and onboarding process conducted by HR.


Q: I have a visitor coming to campus overnight. Do they need a permit?
A: Yes, all visitors wishing to park overnight on campus must obtain a valid parking permit.

Q: Where do I get a visitor parking permit?
A: Visitor parking permits can be picked up at the Office of Campus Safety located at 245 College Street (the corner of College Street and Campus Avenue).

Q: What does my guest need to bring with them to Campus Safety in order to get their visitor parking permit?
A: Visitors should bring their vehicle’s registration along with the name of the student they are visiting.

Q: Can my visitor/guest get a permit after hours or on the weekend?
A: Yes, visitors can get a parking permit 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Q: Where can visitors park?
A: The main visitor parking lot is located in the Olin parking lot at the corner of Russell Street and North Bardwell Street, and that is where overnight guests are directed to park. For additional visitor parking spaces, please refer to the Bates campus map.

Q: How much does an overnight Visitor parking permit cost?
A: There is no charge for a visitor parking permit.

Q: I’m visiting Bates for a performance on campus and will not be staying overnight. Do I need a parking permit?
A: No, you do not need a parking permit. Just make sure you are parked in a visitor parking area or in an “on-street” municipal parking space.

Parking Tickets and Towed Vehicles

Q: I got a ticket. How much is the fine?
A: Fines are as follows:

01No Permit / Expired Permit$40.00
02Parked in or Blocking Fire Lane / Driveway   (All driveways are designated as fire lanes – unless there are delineated parking spaces)$40.00
03Not in a Parking Space$30.00
04Restricted Area$30.00
05Parked or Driven on Grass or Walkway$30.00
06Improper Placement of Issued Permit   (Permit must be apparent affixed on the rearmost driver side window)$30.00
07Other: (Specify cited violation in notes)$30.00
08Student Parking Only$30.00
09Faculty/Staff Parking Only$30.00
10Visitor parking only$30.00
11Handicap Parking Only$100.00
12Parked Overnight Where Prohibited   (Overnight parking prohibited on N. Bardwell St.)$100.00
13Vehicle Banned / Habitual Violator   (Unregistered vehicles of unknown ownership accumulating 5 or more unanswered parking tickets are subject to be towed from campus. Registered vehicles accumulating 15 or more ticketed violations, other than pertaining to registration alone, are reported for STUDENT CONDUCT review. Such vehicles may also be banned from campus for the remainder of the academic year pending decision made by student affairs.)$100.00
14WarningNo fine

Q: Where can I pay a parking ticket?
A: Student parking tickets are automatically billed to student accounts.

Q: I’m an employee. Do I have to pay my parking tickets?
A: Fines for parking tickets will be automatically deducted from the employee’s next paycheck following the seven day appeal period.

Q: My friend was driving my car and parked it in a prohibited spot. Am I responsible for paying the fine?
A: Yes, you are responsible for any and all parking violations.

Q: What happens if my vehicle gets put on the “Tow List?”
A: If you are issued five or more parking violations on a vehicle without a permit, and have not given any response to be responsible for these, your vehicle is put on the Tow List and it may be towed without warning or notice. Once the responsible person for a vehicle is known, that person will be billed for any tickets which are issued. Any vehicle parked in a Fire Lane is liable to be towed without notice. A vehicle, permitted or not, may be towed if it is repeatedly found in violations, and may get “Banned” from campus and subsequently be towed as a result of Student Conduct referral and decision.

Q: My vehicle was towed, now what?
A: Campus Safety can tell you which towing company has your car. You are responsible for retrieving your vehicle from the towing company as well as paying any fines or charges the company imposes. Please note that most local towing companies will only accept cash.


Q: How do I appeal a ticket?
A: Individuals may appeal a parking ticket by submitting an appeal form to Campus Safety. Appeal forms must be submitted along with a copy of the ticket within seven calendar days of the violation. Appeals received after seven calendar days will not be heard.

Q: Does my written appeal really get reviewed?
A: Yes, all written appeals are reviewed by the Parking Coordinator, in committee.

Q: I appealed my ticket a while ago. Why haven’t I received a response?
A: Every effort is made to review and respond to a request for appeal within a few business days, and provide a prompt response (by email) of decision or to notify of status. There are instances which can take several days before committee review can be accomplished. Contact the Parking Coordinator directly to inquire after three business days from filing an appeals.

Q: If I am not satisfied with the first appeal decision, what can I do? 
A: All decisions of the Parking Appeals are final.


Q: What should I do if I need to load/unload my car?
A: Vehicles may be parked temporarily in driveways for up to 15 minutes for loading or unloading, provided that the emergency flashers are activated, and the driver is readily available to move the vehicle. Vehicles parked for more than 15 minutes may be ticketed and/or towed without warning or notice.

Q: I got a new license plate number/new car. What do I do?
A: New cars should be registered with Campus Safety as soon as possible. A new license plate number issued to the same vehicle having a permit can be updated to the existing permit vehicle information in database. If you junk, sell, or trade in your old car, please return its parking decal to the office of Campus Safety. A replacement permit can be issued to the registered student at the Security dispatch office in exchange for the peeled off voided permit decal which was previously issued. Lost or stolen permits must be reported to security immediately. Failure to do so may result in the owner’s vehicle being towed from campus, a fine and/or a referral to the Student Conduct Committee.

Q: Are the parking rules and regulations enforced during Thanksgiving Break, Christmas Break, Spring Break, and during the summer?
A: Yes, parking regulations are enforced 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Any additional questions can be made directly to the Campus Safety Parking Coordinator:

David Chick (207) 786-6037