Security Phones

There are over 140 Security phones located throughout the campus.

Campus Safety promotes and encourages the use of these phones. These phones are connected directly to Campus Safety – no dialing is required. The Security Phone System is monitored by the Communications Officer and is activated when the large red button in the center of the phone is pushed. If a phone is activated and the Communications Officer does not receive a response, an officer is immediately dispatched to that location.  Security Phones may be used to contact Campus Safety for any reason, such as to call for an escort, report a suspicious person, or to report an emergency.

Communications Officers can contact the appropriate emergency personnel, whether it is Campus Safety, police, fire, or medical personnel, and direct them to your location. Each Security Phone has a blue light above it which is clearly visible at night. Students should become familiar with the locations of the Security Phones and their operation. Each phone is checked daily for any defects and communication problems.