Faculty Review Board

Charge of the Board: The board shall consist of nine tenured members elected by the faculty for five-year terms. If a member is elected to the Committee on Personnel or the Committee on Personnel for Physical Education, that member ceases to serve on the board, and a new election is held. When a specific appeal comes to the board, five of its members are selected at random to serve as the Hearing Committee. This random selection shall be conducted by the board. This Hearing Committee may not include members of the departments or programs in which the appellant holds full or part-time appointments or the appellant’s division chair or chair of interdisciplinary programs. In cases alleging violation of academic freedom or of equal opportunity on promotion to full professor, all members of the Hearing Committee must be full professors. Each Hearing Committee elects its own chair.

The Hearing Committee selected for the appeal shall begin consideration within ten days of the president’s informing the Faculty Review Board that an appeal has been directed to it. Such consideration shall be governed by the criteria specified above in Article III and shall involve access to all material specified in Article IV. The Hearing Committee may also conduct further inquiries relevant to the alleged violation. Upon completion of its consideration, the Hearing Committee shall make a fresh recommendation to the president which either upholds or reverses the original recommendation of the faculty Committee on Personnel. The president, in turn, shall make a fresh recommendation to the Board of Trustees.

Board Members:

  • Marcus Bruce
  • Don Dearborn
  • Amy Douglass
  • Baltasar Fra-Molinero
  • Todd Kahan
  • Hong Lin
  • Nathan Lundblad
  • Karen Melvin
  • Paula Schlax