Professional Travel Funding for Assistants in Instruction


Until further notice Travel at Bates is subject to the temporary measures implemented on March 12 and outlined on the College’s COVID-19 policies page.

  • Application Deadline: 15 September; 1 December and 27 April (the first day of Short Term) Note: There are no extensions to the deadlines.
  • Questions? Contact  Don Dearborn, Director of Faculty Research and Scholarship

All assistants in instruction are eligible to apply for a professional travel grant to support attendance at workshops and conferences that are approved by a supervisor.  Travel grants are competitive, and up to $1,000 is available to an individual AI each year.

To apply. The application cover sheet, narrative, letter of support from your supervisor, and detailed budget should be submitted electronically as a single PDF document to AAA’s and Help Desk staff can assist faculty who need help in converting documents into PDF format.

Application Cover Sheet. Please complete the application cover sheet. A project title and an abstract of not more than 150 words describing the relationship of the conference or workshop to your work as an AI is required.  The start date and end dates are required, and are used to establish and terminate grant accounts. Check all relevant information at the bottom of the cover sheet.

Narrative. A one-page (maximum) narrative must include a statement describing the training/conference/workshop and its relevance to the applicant’s ongoing work as an Assistant in Instruction. A project timetable should explain when the work will be completed.

Detailed Budget. The proposal must include a detailed budget of all expenses for the project. Preference is given to proposals with specific, well-justified budgets. For example, justified estimates of plane fares, hotel costs, indexing, printing costs, the cost of research supplies, and/or similar information is required.  Assistant in Instruction Travel Grants support such expenses as:

• Travel for research, curriculum development, workshops, or academic meetings (air and ground travel, lodging, meals, registrations, admissions, etc.)

Travel Timetable. Travel grants are awarded by the following: 15 October; 31 January and 30 May. The Assistant in Instruction grantee’s fund code is established, funded, and activated according to the start date indicated on the AI’s application cover sheet.  The travel must be completed within six months of the application date.

Accessing Grant Funds. The following practices apply to all intramural grant programs, unless otherwise specified. AI grantees may access funds only during the period of the grant (i.e., the start and end dates indicated on the application cover sheet). Faculty grantees may access grant funds through (1) reimbursement upon surrender of original receipts by the faculty member to the Office of the Dean of the Faculty; (2) direct payment of invoices, as approved by the faculty member. Grants may not be taken as taxable compensation unless the proposal has been specifically approved with a stipend or living expenses component. Additional information on funding restrictions and award processes is available in the Office of the Dean of the Faculty.

Final Report. AIs are expected to submit electronically a brief final report to the Office of the Dean of the Faculty ( on the work accomplished including an accounting of expenditures, within 60 days of the end of the grant period as indicated on the application cover sheet. All future travel grants are contingent on the submission of this report, without exception. Any funds remaining at the end of the grant period are returned to the Bates Faculty Development Fund.