HHMI Activity Budget Request Page

HHMI Funding Form

The 5-year HHMI Inclusive Excellence grant provides funding for activities related to the grant's goals of creating a culture of inclusive excellence in STEM fields at Bates. The grant has four main budget categories which cover administration/assessment costs, costs associated with faculty development, development of first-year research experiences, and the STEM Scholars program. Before filling out this form to request funding for HHMI-related activities, please discuss your request with April Hill.

  • If traveling elsewhere, please provide details on what you are attending (provide a link, if possible), and names of those traveling. If bringing in speakers or workshop leaders, please give some info about who is coming.
  • The goal of the HHMI grant is for any student at Bates who is interested in STEM to be provided with an inclusive curriculum, support structures, and dedicated faculty and staff mentors to ensure that they have the opportunity to thrive. We are especially committed to working for an equitable and inclusive learning environment for STEM interested students from historically marginalized or minoritized backgrounds that will promote their success in STEM.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.