Retirement Announcement: Jim Guzelian

Jim Guzelian, Environmental Health and Safety Specialist

After 11 years of service to the Bates campus community, Jim Guzelian (better known as Safety Jim) will retire on February 28, 2018.

Jim was hired on October 24, 2006 as an assistant in the Environmental Health and Safety Department and was promoted to EHS Specialist in 2010. During his tenure at Bates, Jim has worked hard to improve all aspects of the college’s safety programs, with a special focus on student safety. He worked closely with the Student Affairs office to conduct fire drills and room safety inspections and to host several live burn demonstrations – all to raise awareness of fire and life safety practices. The programs he has created continue to be successful. He has developed meaningful relationships with many students over the years and was once nominated by the Class of 2008 to speak at Baccalaureate.

In addition to his work on student safety, Jim improved waste handling programs on campus and created relationships with local companies to recycle and reuse the electronics generated by the college. Jim applied for and was awarded a grant from FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, to promote safety and fire prevention. He has many good connections at the Lewiston Fire Department, and he works closely with faculty and staff all across campus.

Jim’s hard work and positive, willing attitude will have a lasting impact on the safety of all who visit, live and work at Bates far into the future. Please join me in congratulating Jim and wishing him the very best as he begins his next great adventure.

We will be hosting a celebration of Jim, the details of which will be shared with the campus community once finalized.


Jessica Smith, Director of EHS



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