BOC Minutes 3/12/14

I did not approve of any of your haiku. Nor did the spirit of Bashō lingering inside me.

  • Allie: Next week is the final regular meeting. Then we have banquet. Brian is going. Next week, we are doing nominations.
  • Daly/Brian: ‘The Lengend Continues’ + The idea of listserv email reform has also been brought up. What if certain monthly or seasonal newsletter-esque emails were sent out by certain prominent club officials (i.e. Eroom-ers)? Also, BOC-branded gear coming soon to a naked bottom near you. Stickers as well.
  • Toby: When shall the wall be stripped and cleaned? Short term? Finals week? What about panel replacements? Wow, so many impending issues in the club right now. Cloudy horizons.
  • Judy has offered a work trip at her house involving chopping wood. Judy will transform us from Frost to Bunyan; from emanator to doer. God bless, Judy.
  • Josh: Sent out an email several days ago about Mike Sagan’s startup, Adventure Forward. Please go read this email if you haven’t. Mike is a great guy, spearheading what is undoubtably a great program. If you haven’t figured out summer plans yet, then this deserves at the very least a consideration.
  • Holly Gurney: It’s Goodspeed-Sawyer award season. Goodspeed was a student from 1940, founding member of the BOC, who helped shape the modern notion of the Outing Club. The award in his honor goes to a senior male who has done the most for the outing club over the course of his 4 years at Bates. A simular award for the ladies is in memory of [firstname] Sawyer, who was a bio professor and general boss. We will be voting electronically via a google form that I will set up soon. Please check this list and make sure that all potential recipients for award are listed. Also check my spelling.
Allie Baltz
Anne Carroll
Emma Timbers
Gretchen Kaija
Sarah Kirshner
Sarah Street
Emma Perkinson
Lucy Brennan
Hally Bert
Brian K.
John Barbadoro
Matt Furlow
Colin McCullough
Charlie Grant
Cam Held
Connor Smith
Coleman Lieb
John Dolfee
Patt Jeffries
Tanner ‘Wells’
Alec Douglas
Doug Welsh


  • Brian is going to sugarloaf tomorrow.
  • Billy Regan is making this roll clinic (which I discussed in last week’s minutes) actually happen. Sick! Look out for an email from him.
  • We pass climbing holds for 100 big ones.
  • Brian proposes a mid-level plateau-killing board for $400 off a website called whisky and militia.
  • J-dog: Huntington ravine. In the alps. Ditches skiis. Little cabin harvard cabin. Pinnacale Gulley. Canadian vacation. So much denim. So crowded. Relocated one of 10 other gulleys. Gorgeous, then completely in the clouds. Got lunch in epic snow cave. Glissaded down. Shirtless. Badass.
  • Brian: Brian went surfing. So stupid considering impending thesis work, but necesarry cost. Higgins was crap. Biddiefahd is firing at a weird beach with giant monastery behind it –Brian’s holy water. It’s usually deserted, but the parking lot is totally packed this time. “WHAT?,” says Brian. Finally finds a spot to park behind lifeguard tower. Was this a funeral? Did somebody die? Nope. THEY WERE RELEASING A BABY SEAL. How unexpected. Brian skinned the seal.
  • Billy Regan: Lake umbagog (?). He did a solo (sunup/sundown). Was sitting on a dock, chilling (OTIS REDDING REFERENCE?!?!). Hears noises in jungle behind him (LOST ALLUSION?!?!). All of the sudden, this dude in underwear, covered in charcoal, comes out. Then Billy himself is in underwear, covered in charcoal. They went around scaring all their friends. Questionable morals.