Bald Mountain

Lewiston, ME 04240

Bryant Pond, ME 04219


Bald Mountain is reached by a 15 minute hike on a flat easy trail followed by a 20-30 minute hike up steeper terrain. The views from the top are spectacular for the relatively small size of this mountain. Half way up, you will pass by an incredible lake that is worth a trip in its own right (See link in additional notes below).


The trail head appears shortly after passing Shagg Pond on the right. Drive up a steep hill and park at the pullout on the left as soon as you reach the top of the. The trailhead is immediately across from the pullout. Follow the trail until it reaches Little Concord Pond (See link in additional notes below). Immediately before the small clearing that leads down to the lake, take a right. There should be a green sign which points up a steep rocky ramp visible immediately. Follow the trail that leads up this ramp, and take it to the top of Bald Mountain.

Trailhead Location:

272 Shagg Pond Rd. Bryant Pond, ME 04219

44.427222°N,  70.542033 °W

Additional Notes

See also: Little Concord Pond