Little Concord Pond

Lewiston, ME 04240

Bryant Pond, ME 04219


Little Concord Pond is reached by a 15 minute hike on a flat easy trail. Once you reach the pond, you can sit by the water or follow a trail all the way around. Although it would make the hike a bit more challenging, hiking a canoe in would definitely make for an excellent paddle. Given the easy hike, this is an excellent spot for a last minute overnight trip. There is a beautiful campsite located on a flat point in the lakeshore, which can be reached by hiking for a few minutes along the left side (facing the lake from the trail in) of the lake. Little Concord Pond is located below Bald Mountain (see link in additional notes below) The lake is stocked with trout and fly fishing is permitted.


The trail head appears shortly after passing Shagg Pond on the right. Drive up a steep hill and park at the pullout on the left as soon as you reach the top of the. The trailhead is immediately across from the pullout. Follow the trail until it reaches a large pond.

Trailhead Location:

272 Shagg Pond Rd. Bryant Pond, ME 04219

44.427222°N,  70.542033 °W

Additional Notes

I once saw a meteor land directly across from the campsite mentioned above. Could be worth some money. Good luck finding it

See also: Bald Mountain