BOC Minutes 10/12/16

Since our dear James couldn’t make it on Wednesday, here is the meeting through the eyes of Paul Philips:

Octopus Pauby in charge of los minutos

Apogee homie here! Runs hiking/cycling community service around the universe

Wants you to join her family if you will be 20 years old by June of 2017

‘Takes you awesome places” -Apogee homie

“It’s a community.” –Ana Clementine

Deadline is first week on December so sign up while prices last!

“Thank you for your time” –Apogee homie

“I’m Mic Britt and I work for an awesome company.”

“Bridge the gap between yourself and the woods.”

“Be a leader and demonstrate yourself.”

“Be the change you want to see in the world.”

Dope lake Placid trip this weekend, come win free swag! Leaving THIS Friday!

Still need ¾ more chicklets to sign up, talk to me, Michaela Britt!

Olive Smiles: Somebody should eat my muffin and write for the legend.

Theresa: Gimme yo receipts, I give you some dope coinage.

Eli “Jeff Spicoli” Nixon: Surf’s up in New Scotland (Nova Scotia). Stay after meeting to earn your spot!

Safety Miles: Come hangout in my Eroom!!! We need workers and friends!  It’s an awesome opportunity to become involved in the club!

Moby Yud-dawg: Be mindful of how awesome our trips are and of the fact that if you bail on a trip last minute, you prevent someone else from taking your spot.

Climbing word of the week: Mud Falcon-when you let a turd fly from a large wall.


Nathaniel Hawthorn Dipsmock: Surfing Friday!

Stumbledown Dick climbing trip on Saturday!

Noel is hiking Mt. Jefferson on Saturday! Also, I’ll be spending a night at the lean-to over break! Check your email

Nate is leading a climbing trip this weekend, come talk to him if you would like to join!

Nate: we  should go to Acadia when it’s free!

Jeff Spicoli: get hyped for Web House Supersessions!!

Also! There are like 27 kids signed up for New Scotland surf trip! We will thus be needing to send peeps up in personal cars! Can we get $600 for gas? Lots of awesome, shreddy first years are stoked on this trip! We may check out the Bay of Bundy (Fundy)?  PASSED! Get barreled!

Mic Britt: Asking for max $300 (if five people come) for Lake Flacid Spiritual Retreat this weekend!  PASSED

“I have a big tent.”

“Be a leader!”

Moby Yud-dawg: “Shoot for the moon, dawg…get a grand or something!”

Theresa: Our budget is looking good…21,000 buckaroos left? No clue, I’ll get back to you next week!

Jeff Spicoli: “Weed is tight, what’s money?”

Question: IS mayonnaise an instrument?


Nathaniel: I have patches! (nicotine patches, that is)

Hannah: I was tripping and there were these tiny baby skis on a pond and there was  ice and a speechless girl fell in the pond. She was floating past me but I was too short to touch her.


THAT’S ALL FOLKS!!!! See ya next week!!!