President: Thorn Merrill

Vice President: Dan Willsey

Secretary: Ethan Simon

Treasurer:  Will Green

Treasurer in Training: Talia Sperduto

E-Room Director: Danielle Ward and Maggie O’Shea

Publicity: Domi Frideger and Sarah Abbott

Webmaster: Ethan Simon

Parliamentarian: Dylan Malone

Safety: Zach Guion

Hikes and Trips: Zach Guion and John Phillips

Cabins and Trails: Sophia Thayer and Signe Lynch

Climbing:  Tess Miller and Mitch Willsey

Biking: Nel Houde and Matt Hanus

Hickories: Megan Detels and Matt Reback

Water Sports: Kurt Niiler and Sarah Delany

Surfing: Adair Andre and Andrew Berg

Environment: Beanie O’Shea