President: Noel Potter

Vice President: Audrey Wheatcroft

Secretary: Dani Klein

Treasurer:  Will Green

E-Room Director: Zach Anderson and Miles Lamberson

Publicity: Kurt Niiler and Nate Diplock

Webmaster: Hannah Tolan

Parliamentarian: Chris Crum

Safety: Miles Lamberson

Hikes and Trips: Josh Klein and Ben Pratt

Cabins and Trails: Audrey Pulio and Matt Berdon

Climbing: Danielle Ward and Mitch Willsey

Biking: Emma Marchetti and Ethan Simon

Hickories: Pat Sheils and Justine Timms

Water Sports: Emmett Peterson and Sam Rickerich

Surfing: Eli Nixon and Andrew Moreau

Environment: Hazel Cashman