Introductory labs

In the Bates Physics Department, we have ample equipment for advanced education.

The third floor labs are bright open spaces with large windows overlooking the campus. They provide eight lab stations for each of the four introductory courses offered in a semester. Eight small rooms, or “cubicles”, allow for experiments that require low light levels, such as the electron charge to mass ratio, Michelson interferometer, and electron diffraction experiments.


The astronomy lab provides eight 3-inch reflecting telescopes with optically filtered photometers for spectroscopic studies, and the electronics/acoustics lab has fast-Fourier-transform spectrum spectroscopic studies and the electronics/acoustics lab has fast-Fourier-transform specrum analyzers and digital storage oscilloscopes at each lab station. Computer interfaces simplify data acquisition where required, and numerous oscilloscopes, function generators, and digital multimeters are at hand.