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Physics e-print archives

  • Los Alamos Physics Information Services
    Main archive for physics preprint source files and the site to which you can submit your papers. The standard TeX macro packages are available here. Services are also available via FTP and e-mail → for introductory information send an e-mail message with “Subject: help” to
  • Brown Physics Preprint Gateway
  • Other preprint gopher servers
  • SPIRES HEP bibliography search
    The database at SLAC contains papers from the last 20 years. It can be searched by author, title, date, citation, etc. If you want to know where that preprint you have been working with was published, look here. The search results now include hyperlinks directly to papers on the bulletin boards.
  • – Physics e-Print Archive (SISSA-ISAS)
    Trieste, Italy – Archives on Astrophysics, Condensed Matter Theory, Functional Analysis, General Relativity & Quantum Cosmology, High Energy Physics (Lattice, Phenomenology, Theory), Nuclear Theory.
  • – Physics e-Print Archive
    www server for automated physics e-print archives
  • e-Print Archive (nlin-sys)
    Nonlinear Science
  • Condensed Matter Preprint Bulletin Board