Hiring Procedure

For Administration/Staff

Listed below are descriptions for how staff can create, modify, post, and remove student positions online.

  • Creating a New Position: If you would like to create an entirely new position (a position for which a student has never been hired for), you must fill out the Create New Position (On Campus) form. After you complete the form, you will be given the option to post the position as available.
  • Modifying an Existing Position: If you would like to edit a pre-existing position description, please fill out the Modify Existing Position form. After you complete the form, you will be given the option to post the position as available.
  • Posting an Existing Position: If you are looking to hire a student for a position that already exists within your department, you should fill out the Post Existing Position form. The Student Employment Office will post the position within twenty four to forty eight hours.
  • Removing an Available Position: Once you have hired a student to fill a position that is posted online, you should notify the Student Employment Office by completing and submitting the Position Taken form. Once the office receives this form, the position will be removed from the available positions listing. We will not remove any positions from our available listing until we receive this form.

Before hiring any students, all supervisors should be certain that the student has his or her Bates Work Card (BWC). As a supervisor, you should ask to see the card before hiring any student. The BWC is only given to students who have completed their tax and banking forms and who have shown valid identification.

For Faculty

Before you hire a student…

The first step for faculty members to take before hiring a student is to determine the title of the position that the student will be working under.

  • If the position title is: Student Assistant, Teaching Assistant, Lab Assistant, Research Assistant, or Technical Writing Assistant, please click here.
  • If the position is not listed above, please look at the View Only: Student Position Descriptions link located in the left menu bar of the Student Employment homepage. This link lists all of the existing student positions within each department on campus. If you know that the position has been previously established, please fill out a Hiring Form for the student you have hired to fill the position.
  • If the position is new, you’re next step is to complete a Create New Position (On Campus) form, which will provide details about the job responsibilities and the prerequisites that applicants should have. Student Employment personnel will review the position description and determine an appropriate pay grade.

Please Note: Before hiring a student, both faculty and staff should ask to see the student’s Bates Work Card (BWC). This card verifies that the student is eligible to work on campus.