Managing Student Applications in Handshake

It is possible to manage job applications directly if you are not interested in managing them via the emails you get with the student’s application packages. All student applications are listed in the “Applications” tab.

To view and manage applications, go to the “Applications” tab of the left-side navigation bar. Use the filters on the left to find the specific application or set of applications you are interested in.

To perform an action on a specific cross-section of students, use filters to bring up that demographic of students and click the “Bulk Action on All Results” button. You can also select one or more specific students (click the check box next to their entry). This will cause the button’s name to change to “Bulk Actions on All Checked Items”; using the button now will only affect the names you have checked.

Bulk actions include:

Download Application Packages: This option will download each job document the student selected for that application.

To perform an action on an individual student, click on the small menu icon to the right of their entry. Options currently being utilized by Bates include:

  • Download Resume: This will download the student’s application package for that job.
  • Withdraw Application: This will remove the student’s application.
  • Accept: Accepting a student means you intend to extend them a job offer. (You will still need to submit the hiring form on the student employment website.)
  • Decline: This will show that the student was not chosen for the interview or job.
  • Reset to Pending: This will reset an application to pending from any of its other statuses (except withdrawn).