How Many Hours May a Student Work?

During the academic year all students may work a maximum of twenty hours per week. This rule stands true for Federal Work Study eligible students, non-work study students, international students, and U.S. resident students. Holiday breaks that are one week or longer (summer break, Thanksgiving break, or winter break; NOT October break), students are able to work a maximum of forty hours per week.

Please Note: The total of twenty hours per week maximum includes hours worked from all positions that a student may have. For example: If a student has two on campus positions, during the academic year he or she may work a total of twenty hours in one week, not twenty hours in one position and twenty hours in the other position (which would be a total of forty hours per week).

If you are a student who is eligible for Federal Work Study, please note that Bates does not place a minimum requirement on the numbers of hours a work study student must work. However, most students can earn their entire work study award by working an average of eight to twelve hours per week during the academic year.