Student Absentee Policy

Students shouldn’t miss work without notifying their supervisor.

Students must speak with their supervisors about any planned absence before their scheduled shift. Students are sometimes asked to find their replacements. There are departments in which unexcused absences are not allowed. Students who miss a scheduled shift without notifying their supervisor or finding a replacement are subject to termination.

First absence: Students will receive a written notice from their supervisor(s) informing them of their failure to comply with standard employee guidelines.

Second absence: Students will receive a written notice from a supervisor(s) informing them that they can be terminated from their position if a third absence occurs.

Third absence: It is the supervisor’s decision as to what action should be taken.

A copy of any warning or notice sent to student employees should be sent to the Student Employment Office.

Unexcused absences are not allowed and may result in immediate termination of employment in many departments. Students should practice courtesy in any job and show up on time for every shift they are scheduled, just as in any other employment situation. Supervisors and employees should discuss their department’s absence policy upon hiring. Repeated tardiness or tardiness of more than fifteen minutes may also be treated as a ground for dismissal.