ADM: Tour Guide (S9986A)

Summary, Scope, and Responsibilities

Many students will tell you that their tour guide is the person who helped them find their college fit. As integral members of the Office of Admission, tour guides primarily provide prospective students and their families with the unique student perspective to academics, campus life, and cultural offerings. In this role Tour Guides demonstrate enthusiasm for Bates, and will serve as an ambassador for the school

Guides will connect with prospective families largely through in-person and live virtual tours, virtual information sessions, live-streamed panels, and email correspondence. This position requires flexibility, responsibility, and communication. We strongly encourage students of all backgrounds, faiths, majors, life experiences, and cultures to apply.

The Basics

Supervisor: Audrey Burns
Office Location: Lindholm House
Pay Grade: A
Hours: 1-3
Workers: 25

Qualifications, Requirements, and Responsibilities


Enthusiastically representing Bates College at large in all interactions and opportunities, and serving as an ambassador for the school. Demonstrating an ability to confidently speak about all of Bates College’s offerings in addition to highlighting personal experiences at the college. Leading in-person and virtual tours for prospective students; joining in-person and virtual information sessions and panels. Outreach and communication with prospective families through email and phone correspondence (with the option to use personal devices, Google call, or Zoom audio). Participation in required monthly training and engagement events. Other duties as assigned by Admission staff members, including the potential adjustment in duties in response to the needs or limitations that may arise due to the evolving nature of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Students must be living on campus, or living in Maine. Students must be comfortable with being recorded. Students must have at least one year education as a Bates student.


Blended position that will include both online and in-person responsibilities. Responsibilities taking place online require a quiet location away from interruption with strong internet connection.

Working Conditions