ADM: Tour Guide Coordinator (S9987C)

Summary, Scope, and Responsibilities

Tour Guide Coordinators are the leaders of the tour guide program in the Office of Admission and provide direct support to the Tour Guide Supervisor. Tour Guide Coordinators recruit, hire, and provide ongoing monthly training to Tour Guides, organize tours and help facilitate events with the Office of Admission, and interface with the Head Tour Guides and Tour Guides for continued success and support. Each Tour Guide Coordinator will gain experience managing special events and specialized tours including but not limited to the arts, athletics, science, sustainability, special request tours, and daily campus tour scheduling. Coordinators will work collaboratively and meet regularly with the Tour Guide Supervisor and in tandem with other Tour Guide Coordinators.


The Basics

Department: Admission
Supervisor: Audrey Burns
Office Location: Lindholm House
Pay Grade: C
Hours: 10
Workers: 4

Qualifications, Requirements, and Responsibilities


Education: At least one academic year completed at Bates. Experience: Two semesters of experience as a Bates Tour Guide during the academic year, or at least one summer as a Summer Intern.


Tour guides work closely with the Tour Guide Supervisor, Head Tour Guides, Tour Guides, admission and operations staff, senior fellows, and representatives from various campus partners.


Responsibilities include but are not limited to: - Supervise and manage all tour guides with support from the Supervisor. - Schedule and manage the daily campus tour schedule. - Plan and assist with high profile Admission events (i.e. Open Houses, Maine Day, High School Visits, and Accepted Student Receptions). - Lead monthly training for all Tour Guides. - Address and resolve daily unexpected changes and challenges pertaining to tour guides. - Work closely with other admission/operations staff. - Recruit new students to work in the Office of Admission. - Coordinate the showroom schedule. - Hire tour guides and lead tour guide information sessions. - Execute special projects professionally and on-time. *Specific interest in any given area is considered during the application process. This job will commence with training in the spring, resumes during the fall semester, and extends to the end of Short Term in April.