CHP: Multifaith Fellow (S9966C )

Summary, Scope, and Responsibilities

Multifaith Fellows work with the Multifaith Chaplaincy on events and programs throughout the academic year. Fellows have specific projects/events/programs on which they work, and are also expected to work and plan as a team. The Fellows bring a diversity of voices into the Chaplaincy, contributing breadth and depth to program planning and helping to shape the conversation in the wider Multifaith community on campus.

A Multifaith Fellow will:

  1. Act as the Coordinator for a particular event or events that happen throughout the year:
    1. Baccalaureate Coordinator

One graduating senior each year collaborates with the Multifaith Chaplaincy on planning Baccalaureate, a service the day before Commencement. Baccalaureate provides an opportunity for graduating seniors and their guests to pause for a time of reflection and gratitude. The service incorporates such elements as a featured speaker (usually an honorand or faculty/staff), interfaith prayer, reflective musical pieces, student dance, a student reflection on social responsibility, a student poem, an acapella performance, hymns, and more. This student will work with other senior Multifaith Fellows to nominate other students to serve on the planning committee, serve as chair of the Baccalaureate planning meetings, attend Baccalaureate weekly planning meetings with Multifaith Chaplaincy staff, take responsibility for one of the subcommittees, and work with the Chaplains and Office Coordinator on office tasks related to preparations for Baccalaureate. The student must be on campus for short-term.

  1. Creative Programs Coordinator

One student will work with the Multifaith Chaplains and the Program Coordinator to create new programs and offerings within the Multifaith Chaplaincy. This is a new fellows position ideal for a creative, motivated and self-starting individual interested in creating new programming on campus to address un-met needs in the student body. Programming opportunities within this position are not limited to religious or spiritual topics.

  1. Hearth Coordinators

Two students help to coordinate Hearth. This includes brainstorming queries to spark conversation, helping to make food selections, sending out email invitations to Hearth, collecting RSVPs, helping to find facilitators, helping to set up and clean up, and possibly helping with grocery shopping/food pick-up if the student has a car.

  1. {Pause} Coordinators:

Two students are responsible for coordinating {Pause}, a weekly service of silence, music, poetry, dance and prose held in the Chapel Wednesday evenings 9-9:30pm. These students will find performers for each week of {Pause}, will work with the Program Coordinator on advertising for {Pause}, and will attend {Pause}, taking responsibility for setting up and cleaning up.

  1. Interfaith Table Coordinators:

Two students will be responsible for coordinating Interfaith Table, a monthly conversation held over dessert. Interfaith Table is a place to explore topics that relate to students’ religious/spiritual lives. Recent Interfaith Tables have explored pilgrimage, wrestling with religion, finding a way to practice (or not practice) your faith in college, and finding spirituality in nature. Working with the Multifaith Chaplains and/or the Multifaith Chaplaincy Program Coordinator, these student coordinators will decide the scope and focus of each Interfaith Table, will invite students to participate in the Interfaith Table, and will help to coordinate logistical details.

  1. Annual Interfaith Services and Events Coordinator

One student will work with the Multifaith Chaplains and the Program Coordinator to help plan the Multuifaith Chaplaincy’s annual services and events (Orientation Interfaith Service, Memorial Tree Planting Service, Parents and Families Weekend Interfaith Service, MLK Memorial Service and Multifaith Banquet. For interfaith services, this student will work with the Chaplains to help find participants and will assist with the service in any ways necessary. For Multifaith Banquet, an annual dinner celebrating religious diversity on the Bates campus, the student will work with the Chaplains and the Program Coordinator to invite students to speak at the Banquet and to put together the evening’s program for the Banquet.

  1. Stringfellow Coordinators:

Two students work on Stringfellow programming, named for William Stringfellow ’49. Throughout his life, and beginning at Bates, Stringfellow gained a reputation as a formidable critic of the social, military and economic policies of our country and as a tireless advocate for racial and social justice. Our Stringfellow program aims to bring William Stringfellow’s values to campus through nurturing a culture of activism at Bates. This includes efforts to connect activist students and alumni, support/nurture students engaged in activism, and raise awareness of current and past activism on campus. The Stringfellow Coordinators work with the Multifaith Chaplaincy to conceive and plan projects that support student activists and nurture a culture of activism at Bates.


  1. Attend weekly Multifaith Fellow staff meetings (held with Multifaith Chaplains Brittany Longsdorf and Raymond Clothier, and Program Coordinator Nicole Pelonzi) to discuss event planning and issues on campus, and to build community among the Multifaith Fellows.
  2. Occasionally assist with other projects and events sponsored by the Multifaith Chaplaincy for which they are not the point-person. Such projects and events may include:
    1. Attending freshman orientation events with the Chaplains, including the Multifaith Welcome Service during orientation;
    2. Attending, and sometimes participating in or ushering for various multifaith services throughout the year, including the Welcome Service during Parents and Family Weekend, Lessons & Carols, and the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Worship Service;
    3. Assisting with events for which they are not the Coordinator/Liaison;
  3. Assist with office tasks such as:
    1. Putting up posters/notices to advertise Multifaith events;
    2. Sending emails on behalf of the Fellows and Chaplaincy

The Basics

Department: Chaplain's Office
Supervisor: Nicole Pelonzi
Office Location: 163 Wood Street
Pay Grade: C
Hours: 4-5
Workers: 10

Qualifications, Requirements, and Responsibilities


SKILLS: Ability to collaborate, ability to communicate well. EXPERIENCE: Experience with Multifaith Community on the Bates Campus; Experience with the particular event that the student wishes to work on.


Reports to: Multifaith Chaplains, Multifaith Chaplaincy Program Coordinator Coordinates/Works Closely With: Other Multifaith Fellows


Environment: Multifaith Chaplaincy, Chapel, and various event locations around campus Physical Requirements: Multifaith Fellows must have campus-wide access Machines & Equipment Used: Fellows will need computer/internet access