Positions in Academic Departments

Each academic department has 5 generic positions.

Faculty members hiring students in one of the following positions, do not need to submit a position description form. You may or may not advertise for applicants on Handshake. Handshake is the software we use to post positions. It is administered by the Center for Purposeful Work.  If you have not pre-selected a student,  we encourage you to request that we post your position on Handshake.

The following positions were created especially for faculty members:

Student Assistant: Mainly office work, answering the phone, photocopying, run errands, stapling, may include using the computer.

Teaching Assistant: Position involves more responsibilities. Student works independently and often has to have specialized knowledge. Helps in the smooth running of classes.

Lab Assistant: Students preparing labs for classes, not left unsupervised. This requires some form of specialized knowledge.

Research Assistant: Requires specialized knowledge of material. Works independently and carries high levels of responsibility.

Grant Funded Research Assistant: Research Assistant funded by a grant.

Grader: Assists with grading assignments

The above positions descriptions may not match exactly the position description you may have in mind. However, the position titles are correct. If you wish to attain further information please contact the Student Employment Office.