Nominate A Student To Become A Writing or Language Tutor

Do you have a student who showed perseverance and resourcefulness with their writing or language-learning processes in your class? Do you know an empathetic, encouraging, and dynamic collaborator who enjoys writing or talking about writing–or learning about and speaking a second language–with others? One of the most wonderful ways we find tutors for the Student Writing & Language Center is through faculty, staff, and student (peer) nominations.


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Once you submit a nomination, we will reach out to the student, let them know they’ve been nominated, and encourage them to apply (if they haven’t already) or set up an interview with them (if they have applied). All students must complete a brief application and short interview with us to be considered for the position of tutor.

After the application and interview process–which is really a moment for us to meet and understand the student’s motivations and interests and for them to learn about the job–students enroll and take a half-credit tutoring theory and education course: Writing Tutors take EDUC s19 Theory & Practice of Writing and Tutoring in the short term; W-CATs for FYSs take EXDS 201 Writing Tutoring: Supporting Your Peers as Writers, Thinkers, & Communicators in the winter semester. Once they finish the course in good standing, students are ready to be hired as tutors for the SWLC and begin work the following semester!

NOTE: We also offer other training and professional development opportunities throughout the school year, particularly for Language Tutors.

Do you have questions about nominating a student to work as a tutor for SWLC? Please reach out to us at

Thank you for nominating a student today!